Matty D’s Beer Corner

Matty D’s Beer Corner

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“For the red, white, and blue, and the freedom we deserve”


It might be a fridge-essential, a tailgate hit, the perfect beirut can, or an off-the-beaten-path brew.  Maybe it came from a large production company, a local microbrewery, or from over the oceans.

The only common denominator is that it has to be beer. So crack open that cold one in your hand and listen in, maybe just maybe I’ll sway you towards your new favorite American pastime. 

Beer of the Week:

Yards Brewing Co. Brawler Pugilist Style Ale

I have the pleasure of living all of 6 blocks from the Yards Brewing Company down in the greatest city on earth Philadelphia. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this fine establishment please make it a point! Not only do you get a free tour with free beer of their really cool brewery, but they have an incredible tasting room that features a local food truck each week. The brewery is very into local and organic causes and does a lot with organizations and charities throughout the Philadelphia region. Oh and they make great beer! Let me just preview one for you.

The Brawler is a English-style brew that is very easy to drink. It has a crisp malt taste to start and goes down very smooth with a nice hint of caramel at the end. It is my favorite of the Yards beers which is saying a lot with all of their options. At only 4.5% it is my go-to closing time beer and keeps me in the game till the closing bell. Worth the pick up and a great fridge-stocker as you will look both educated and not too wild in front of your conservative friends.


If any readers or tweeters have any advice on beers to spotlight, give my a shout. Remember, America was built on beer and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Never stop being merry!

Matty D


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