Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: Week 15 Edition

So Matty D finally emerged from the ashes. I thought this year would be closer but I’ve run away with 2015. This past weekend was good for Matty D, he goes 6-0 on Saturday in our Bowl Mania group but his undefeated streak ended yesterday thanks to Western Kentucky:

As shown by my march to victory this season in the LOCKS, I may be two picks behind Matt but I am not out. Anyway Matt had a good Sunday and mine was ok, let’s recap:

Week 15 Cold Hard FAILS

Here are our picks in case you missed them. By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Rams down Bucs 31-23 – Matt picked the Rams while I took Tampa Bay: 0-1 G-Man/1-0 Matty D

Jets sneak by Cowboys 19-16  We both took the Jets: 1-1 G-Man/2-0 Matty D

Vikings throttle Bears 31-17 – We both picked Minnesota: 2-1 G-Man/3-0 Matty D – Teddy had a day, I’m still a big believer in Bridgewater

Falcons beat Jaguars 23-17 – We both picked Jacksonville: 2-2 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – Devonta Freeman sighting!

Texans down Colts 16-10 – I picked the Colts while Matt went with Houston: 2-3 G-Man/4-1 Matty D –  Neither of us would have thought Brandon Wheden would be their savor though

Panthers sneak by Giants 38-35 – We both went with the Panthers: 3-3 G-Man/5-1 Matty D – “People keep saying upset alert here. Have you seen the Giants defense? Neither have the Giants, they are terrible. Also Odell Beckham is incredible but Josh Norman is right up there. It’ll be close but Cam Newton is too good.” – Matt couldn’t have predicted it any better

Patriots take down Titans 33-16 – We both picked New England: 4-3 G-Man/6-1 Matty D – Pats clinch ANOTHER first-round bye

Redskins drop Bills 35-25 – Matt picked Buffalo to bounce back while I picked Washington: 5-3 G-Man/6-2 Matty D

Chiefs rock Ravens 34-14 – We both picked KC: 6-3 G-Man/7-2 Matty D

Seahawks buzzsaw Browns 30-13 — We both picked Seattle: 7-3 G-Man/8-2 Matty D – Seattle clinches a playoff birth

Packers down Raiders 30-20 – I took the Pack while Matty D went with Oakland: 8-3 G-Man/8-3 Matty D

Steelers rally over Broncos 34-27 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 9-3 G-Man/9-3 Matty D

Chargers surge by Dolphins 30-14 — I picked Miami while Matt went with San Diego: 9-4 G-Man/10-3 Matty D

Bengals beat 49ers 24-14 — We both took Cincy: 10-4 G-Man/11-3 Matty D – Carolina clinches the NFC South.

Cards crush Eagles 40-17 – I thought the Eagles had another upset in them, hopefully in the playoffs. HOPEFULLY. Matt went against the city but ripped me for picking the Redskins, makes sense: 10-5 G-Man/12-3 Matty D – Rough game to watch. The Eagles came out looking strong but couldn’t keep it going. They’re hopes are still alive as they host the Redskins on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Cardinals clinched the NFC West.

Lions win shootout in the Superdome 35-27 over Saints – We both picked New Orleans

Matty D Wins Week 15 12-4 to 10-6, G-Man leads series 9-5-1
G-Man Overall: 132-91
Matty D Overall: 128-95

Gave a week back to Matt this week; he needed a moral W. Can’t have him wanting to retire early due to embarrassment. What I can’t be doing here on in are these losses with greater than a one-game margin. With two weeks to go and MPD as desperate as the Eagles, anything can happen. On that note,



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