Matty D’s 2015 Week 15 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man

Week 15 Cold Hard Lock


Well the weeks are dwindling down and it is sad to say that I will not be taking this year’s crown as G-Man took last week and secured the season. He currently is up 9-4-1 in the weekly showdown and overall holds a 6 game lead on me with a record of 122-85 to 116-91. So we both stink. But I am a prideful man so I am still grinding this out best I can.

Falcons at Jaguars

The most amazing thing about this game is that the Jaguars are a far superior offensive team than the Falcons. There is finally hope in Jacksonville with Bortles, Yeldon, and Robinson.

Winner: Jacksonville

Bills at Redskins

Huge game for both teams as the Redskins try to hang on in the NFC East and the Bills keep their bleak playoff hopes alive. I am taking the Bills here because the Redskins are bound to implode at some point.

Winner: Buffalo (G-Man is taking the Redskins here because he doesn’t want the Eagles to go the playoffs)

Bears at Vikings

The Vikings need this game. The Bears don’t. The Vikings have just enough to get it done.

Winner: Minnesota

Titans at Patriots

This one should be a laugher. In other news Edelman is going to try to play Week 17 which is huge for the Pats.

Winner: New England


Texans at Colts

The Texans are without Brian Hoyer this week but T.J. Yates just always seems to be around. The Colts look like a team that has lost their mojo, heart, and desire. They need their leader Luck back on the field but won’t get him. All of the sudden the AFC South is a three team race.

Winner: Houston (G-Man is going Colts here)

Chiefs at Ravens

Ravens can’t stay healthy and no one wants to play the Chiefs right now.

Winner: Kansas City

Panthers at Giants

People keep saying upset alert here. Have you seen the Giants defense? Neither have the Giants, they are terrible. Also Odell Beckham is incredible but Josh Norman is right up there. It’ll be close but Cam Newton is too good.

Winner: Carolina


Browns at Seahawks

Maybe Manziel has some magic in him. Nah, hahaha.

Winner: Seattle

Packers at Raiders

I have a gut feeling here. The Raiders are good enough. And its in the Black Hole. Upset of the week?

Winner: Oakland (G-Man is taking the Packers and Rodgers)

Bengals at 49ers

Great game for A.J. McCarron to get acclimated. Bengals all the way.

Winner: Cincinnati


Broncos at Steelers

Steelers are the hottest team in the AFC right now. Denver will start wanting Manning back after this.

Winner: Pittsburgh

Dolphins at Chargers

Both of these teams are a mess. Philip Rivers is too prideful though and the Chargers could be playing one of their last games in San Diego.

Winner: San Diego (G-Man is taking the Fins here)

Cardinals at Eagles

So torn, so torn. The Eagles really need this one. And Geordie thinks they will win it. But the aerial attack of Palmer, Larry, and Brown is a heck of a task for an undermanned Eagles defense.

Winner: Arizona (G-Man is going with the hometown Birds in this one.)

Lions at Saints

Whelp yeah meaningless. But Saints are playing in the Superdome so I’ll take Brees.

Winner: New Orleans



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