Matty D’s 2015 Week 14 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man

Week 14 Cold Hard Lock

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After gift wrapping 3 goals for G-Man in our Men’s League hockey game, simply so that he could impress a girl (wingman-of-the-month right here), I was saddened to see that he is also trouncing me in our Pick’Em. But I am not worried, ice runs in my veins and by the end of Week 17, I will have returned to form and toppled this false idol. Without further ado:

G-Man Wins Week 13 11-5 to 9-7, leads series 8-4-1
G-Man Overall: 111-80
Matty D Overall: 107-84

Lions at Rams

The Rams look like a team that has given up over the past few weeks. With zero QB play to speak of, not even a still strong defense will hold back Stafford and Co.

The Pick – Detroit (G-Man is going St. Louis here)

Titans at Jets

Marcus Mariota, meet Revis Island. Long day for an undermanned Titans squad.

The Pick – New York

Colts at Jaguars

The Jags aren’t that bad of a team and Allen Robinson is a star. Going with the upset here with a wishy washy Colts team playing down to their competition.

The Pick – Jacksonville (G-Man is going with Indy)

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Chargers at Chiefs

This game should be better but the Chargers simply don’t have that swagger this year. The Chiefs though, impressive last two months. Their streak doesn’t end here.

The Pick – Kansas City

Saints at Buccaneers

Saints are going down, the Bucs are going up. Pretty much as simply as that. Feel bad for New Orleans too, great fan base.

The Pick – Tampa Bay

Seahawks at Ravens

Yeah poor Ravens, meet the buzzsaw.

The Pick – Seattle

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Raiders at Broncos

I think this is going to be a game, I really do. The Raiders have been fading but there’s some heart in this team. The problem is that their secondary is full of holes that Sanders, Thomas, and Co. will be running right through.

The Pick – Denver

Cowboys at Packers

Ok Cowboys, thanks for beating the Redskins and helping my Birds out but time to go back to your old selfs. Aaron Rodgers will channel his inner Luke Skywalker and bring peace back to the galaxy.

The Pick – Green Bay

Patriots at Texans

Watch out here Brady. This Texans team is fierce and playing for their playoff lives. I still think the Pats pull this one out, especially after last week but man this could be a low scoring, high nerves kinda game.

The Pick – New England

Falcons at Panthers

The Panthers are really good. That is all.

The Pick – Carolina

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Bills at Eagles

So I should pick the Bills here cause last week I picked against my Eagles for the first time and they won. But then I remembered that Shady McCoy and Rex Ryan are the worst. I see a great game tomorrow though with both teams going head on all day. Eagles win late due to Tyrod Taylor’s inconsistency.

The Pick – Philadelphia

Redskins at Bears

Jay Cutler do what must be done. The Redskins are absolutely awful on the road, in particular Kirk Cousins, so I see a now highly efficient Jay Cutler taking out the Redskins in this contest.

The Pick – Chicago

Steelers at Bengals

Game of the week in my opinion. If Bell was healthy I’d take the Steelers because Big Ben just has that magic out there. But the Bengals at home are a tough task for any team. Dalton strafs the beat up Steelers defense and Big Ben comes up just a bit short.

The Pick – Cincinnati 

49ers at Browns

Ugly game only made better by Johnny Football. Too bad a much improved Blaine Gabbert steals the win against my boy. At least the Cavaliers are good.

The Pick – San Francisco (G-Man is taking Cleveland and $$$ Manziel)

Giants at Dolphins

The Giants would have 5 more wins if each of their games had ended 75 seconds early. That’s amazing. What isn’t amazing is their defense. Jarvis Landry is amazing. So simple math states that Jarvis Landry will have a good day. Then again his former college teammate Odell Beckham, he is more amazing. So they both will have monster days. So what is the difference between these two teams? Lamar Miller. He is the Dolphins checkmate.

The Pick – Miami (G-Man is inexplicably taking New York)

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