Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: Week 12 Edition

Ah Week 12, the final week in our Philadelphia Phantasy League. Matty D and I have both missed the playoffs are will be battling in the loser’s bracket at some point. But we’re locked into a tight race in Pick’em, let’s recap the picks.

Week 12 Cold Hard FAILS

Here are our Picks if you missed them

Lions trounce Eagles 45-14 – We both the Eagles: 0-1 G-Man/0-1 Matty D

Panthers beat Cowboys 33-14 – Matty D went for perfection with Carolina while I believed in Tony: 0-2 G-Man/1-1 Matty D

Bears shut down Packers 17-13 – We both went with Green Bay: 0-3 G-Man/1-2 Matty D

Didn’t fair so well on Thanksgiving, on to Sunday…

Vikings stop Falcons 20-10 in the Georgia Dome – I went with Minnesota while Matt went with Atlanta: 1-3 G-Man/1-3 Matty D

Chiefs down Bills 30-22 – We both picked KC: 2-3 G-Man/2-3 Matty D

Bengals bounce back over Rams 31-7 – We both picked Cincy: 3-3 G-Man/ 3-3 Matty D

Raiders edge Titans 24-21 – We both picked Oakland: 4-3 G-Man/4-3 Matty D

Colts down Bucs 25-12 – We both picked Tampa Bay: 4-4 G-Man/4-4 Matty D

Jets beat Dolphins 38-20 – We both picked New York: 5-4 G-Man/5-4 Matty D

Texans rock Saints 24-6 — We both pick New Orleans: 5-5 G-Man/5-5 Matty D

Redskins drop Giants 20-14 – We both picked New York: 5-6 G-Man/5-6 Matty D

Chargers surge over Jags 31-25 We both picked Jacksonville: 5-7 G-Man/5-7 Matty D

Cardinals beat 49ers 19-13 — We both picked Arizona: 6-7 G-Man/6-7 Matty D

Seahawks down Steelers 39-30 — We both believed in the 12th Man: 7-7 G-Man/7-7 Matty D

Broncos drop Patriots 30-24 in OT – I fed off of Matt’s mancrush on Tom Brady: 7-8 G-Man/7-8 Matty D

Ravens block Browns 33-27 in the closing seconds – I picked Baltimore

G-Man Wins Week 12 8-8 to 7-9, leads series 7-4-1
G-Man Overall: 100-75
Matty D Overall: 98-77

Another rough week for us in pick’em. Something’s gotta be in the water in Philadelphia as MPD and I have had it rough when it has come to anything football related. But hey, I won this week AGAIN and I’ve moved past Matty D at the bottom of our fantasy league. It’s the little victories in life that keep us going.


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