J.J. Watt Playing Hockey Scares the Crap Out of Me

Good god, everything about that is scary. Not only are you one of the most intimidating players in the National Football League, but you have legitimate skills on the ice too!? That’s St. Louis Blues goalie (and fellow Wisconsin-alumus) Brian Elliott in net and he’s even diving out of the way of that shot. Granted, it’s not Zdeno Chara blasting┬áthe puck but J.J. Watt is anything but weak. You’d think being from Wisconsin and a professional athlete, Watt would have some experience playing hockey, but that is awesome. Notice the kick to himself!

In all actually, not trying to knock Elliott or call him weak. He’s clearly diving out of the way to let Watt put one in, but give J.J. some props

[H/T: Bleacher Report]

(cover photo)


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