G-Man’s MLB Power Rankings: Week 4

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Finally getting this post out on Sunday! I’m going to try to get this out every Sunday while watching the Sunday Night game.

All records are through Sunday afternoon’s games.


#30 Milwaukee Brewers (4-15, 30th last week): The Brew Crew went 2-3 last week but clearly are struggling. Losing Jonathan Lucroy will be huge and their -47 run differential is the worst in the majors with those 102 runs allowed being by far the worst in the National League.

#29 Philadelphia Phillies (7-12, 29th last week): A .500 week for the Phils includes a series loss to the Marlins and a nice weekend win against the cooling-off Atlanta Braves. Freddy Galvis has been red-hot recently but sustainability is the big question for the Phils.

#28 Texas Rangers (7-11, 28th last week): The Rangers played the Angles tight this weekend which includes them squeaking out the 5-4 win today in 11 innings. They’re still only four out of the division due to the slow starts from the AL West’s preseason favorites.

#27 Minnesota Twins (8-10, 25th last week): A 3-3 week against the Royals and Mariners isn’t horrible, but not great either. It’s really nice to see Joe Mauer hitting well again; he leads the Twins in average (.299) and RBIs (9).

#26 Arizona Diamondbacks (8-10, 21st last week): A 1-4 week that was wrapped up by a sweep at home against the Pirates. The D-Backs allowed 26 runs this while scoring just 11.

#25 Cincinnati Reds (8-10, 23rd last week): A 3-3 week doesn’t sound bad but considering the wins were all against the Brewers, the wins don’t seem as great as they could be.

#24 Cleveland Indians (6-11, 20th last week): The Cavs swept the Celtics, that’s awesome! Lebron! Oh wait, we’re talking about the Indians. A 2-4 week that saw two series loses to the Tigers and White Sox is not how you want to establish yourself in this competitive division.

#23 San Francisco Giants (8-11, 26th last week): A 4-1 week that includes a sweep of the Dodgers! Things may be starting to turn around for the defending champs but they face the Dodgers again this week.

#22 Oakland Athletics (8-12, 18th last week): The A’s went 2-5 this week and are currently riding a four-game skid. Two of the wins came in Anaheim though, that’s decently impressive.

#21 Miami Marlins (8-11, 27th last week): The Marlins went 5-1 last week and are riding a five-game winning streak including a sweep of the Nationals. The most impressive part of Miami’s early season is that they are second in the National League in runs scored with 85.

#20 Seattle Mariners (7-11, 14th last week): The power is out in Seattle. The team is near the bottom of the American League in runs scored and has the second-worst run differential in majors.

#19 Atlanta Braves (9-9, 13th last week): A 1-5 week where the only win was against the Phillies, the six-spot drop speaks for itself.

#18 Colorado Rockies (10-8, 19th last week): The Rockies have certainly cooled off but have managed to stay tied for second in the NL West. They’ve dropped into the negatives with run differential though, it falling to -3.

#17 Chicago White Sox (8-9, 22nd last week): A 4-2 for the pale hoes brings them back into the teens including taking two from the Royals. The brawl from Thursday may come back to haunt them due to some of the suspensions though.

#16 Toronto Blue Jays (9-10, 16th last week): An up and down week for the Jays sweeping the Orioles followed by being swept by the Rays over the weekend. That pretty much epitomizes how the AL East will be this season.

#15 Washington Nationals (7-12, 9th last week): A 1-5 win which was capped-off with a sweep down in Miami, the Nats need to get it together quick.

#14 Tampa Bay Rays (11-8, 24th last week): A 5-1 week sees Tampa jump 10 spots this week. Despite currently sitting in first, the Rays haven’t scored much this year. Chris Archer has been REALLY impressive this season though.

#13 Baltimore Orioles (9-10, 8th last week): 104 runs scored against 102 runs allowed. Like the Blue Jays, that really epitomizes the 2015 American Eastern Division.

#12 Boston Red Sox (10-9, 7th last week): Going 2-4 this week including the shellacking handed to them today by the Orioles has the Red Sox dropping out of the top 10. Boston is still up there in runs scored with 95.

#11 Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim (9-10, 10th last week): The Angels went 4-3 this week which almost saw them sweep the Rangers if not for extras. The AL West teams need to play outside of the division so they records can reflect their talent.

#10 New York Yankees (10-8, 15th last week): A 4-2 week entering tonight which included the Yanks stopping the red-hot Mets in their tracks. The Yankees’ pitching staff has been locking it down as the team is among the league’s best in runs allowed.

#9 San Diego Padres (11-9, 5th last week): 3-4 this week wasn’t horrible. Dropping two to both the Dodgers and Rockies is tough to digest, but the +18 run differential is a great positive.

#8 Houston Astros (11-7, 17th last week): The ‘Stros went 5-1 this week, they’re riding a three-game-winning-streak, and they’ve only allowed 64 runs. That pitching staff is doing great things.

#7 Los Angeles Dodgers (11-7, 2nd last week): A 2-4 week including a sweep in San Francisco for LA. The Dodgers will get their chance at revenge this week in LA.

#6 Chicago Cubs (10-7, 12th last week): Addison Russell is a Cub! These young guns are exciting to watch. Kris Bryant and Russell both have had exciting first weeks in the bigs as the Cubbies went 4-2.

#5 Pittsburgh Pirates (11-8, 11th last week): A 5-2 week, including the split with the Cubs and a sweep of the D-Backs. The Pirates are riding a five-game winning streak as they are 8-2 in their last ten games.

#4 Kansas City Royals (12-6, 6th last week): A 3-3 week against the Twins and White Sox this week for KC. The Royals defense is certainly still there though (see the cover photo) as they’ve only surrendered 59 runs this season. Ventura has to get the brawls under control though (and yes, I’m pointing the finger at him).

#3 Detroit Tigers (13-6, 1st last week): A 3-4 week compared to next two teams is why the Tigers drop to #3. They are absolutely poised to jump right back into first though.

#2 New York Mets (14-4, 4th last week): The Mets rode an 11-game win-streak until losing Friday night. They’re clearly one of the best pitching teams as Matt Harvey is proving 2013 wasn’t a fluke. The other pitchers on the Mets’ roster claim his dominance takes the pressure off because they know Harvey is good for a win whenever he takes the mound.

#1 St. Louis Cardinals (12-5, 3rd last week): They’re not scoring, but the Cardinals pitching staff is making sure their opponents really aren’t scored. The 41 runs allowed is by far the best in the majors. That’s 2.41 runs allowed per game, let that sink in for a second. The loss of Adam Wainwright will certainly hurt but the rest of that staff is still very strong. That runs allowed per game will unfortunately certainly go down during the week as the Cards host the Phillies.

Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.


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