Subban’s Non-Fight Penalty: The Presidential Address

It has been long over due and I say that from my standpoint, when you are the President (as George Washington Connell lives and breathes everyday) you tend to have important business to attend to…this Class President well not so much.

Here is your hockey report, Presidential Address style.

Browsing TSN this morning I saw a report from long time NHL referee, Kerry Fraser titled C’Mon Ref, which spoke of the ‘egregious call’ Montreal Defensemen P.K Subban was called for after he came out of the penalty box and proceeded to skate back to the bench.  He and New York Ranger’s Winger, Chris Kreider were in the box for matching 2:00 minute minors for embellishment and unsportsmanlike conduct respectively.  Kreider, as Frazer reports, asked his bench should he fight Subban which received a resounding yes.  What came next is quite interesting.

Kreider drops the gloves and tries to wrap up the non-having Subban. The Ranger was taken to the box and the Canadien went to the bench as if he did nothing wrong…as Lee Corso says, “Not so fast P.K.!!!”

First glance at the “fight” you may think, Subban is in the right he is just trying to get away from Kreider.  Take a second glance and you see him smiling and possibly “goading” Kreider on.  This is why he was assessed the second penalty.  The Habs and Rangers went to play two more minutes of 4 v 4 pond hockey.

Fraser sums it up best, Subban has become known around the league as an embellisher; ala young Sid the Kid…even as a Penguins fan I have to admit that Crosby did that a lot!  The refs and linesmen have seen these shenanigans, yes like the sports bar that has all the jerseys on the wall and are now starting to call him out on it.  Here are more examples on how Subban has cried wolf recently.

To me this is not becoming on an Assistant Captain on any professional sports team, be it he is a ‘younger player’ this is not an excuse.  Habs Coach and former Penguins head Michel Therrien might have to channel his ‘worst in the league’ speech for Subban if he keeps this up!

I had to go in the annals of time to find this footage from the Mellon Arena….priceless, Shane Snyder knows exactly how this goes.

Agree or disagree this has been the Presidential Address, thank you for your time, God Bless these United States of American and most importantly this ThunderBlog.

I am Jarred S. Barnes and I approve this message.


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