Matty D’s Week 15 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man… WRITTEN BY THE G-MAN!!!


Hello Thunderfaithful! Quick Hits today as Matty D is under the weather and I have to go prepare for tonight’s showdown in South Philly so no explanations, just straight Pick’em!

In case you didn’t see it in this week’s Cold Hard FAILS, here are the Standings:

Season Series:

Matty D: 130-64

G-Man: 128-66

G-Man leads the Weekly Series 5-4-5

Week 15 Cold Hard Locks:

(G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted)

Thursday at 8:25

G-Man: Cardinals over Rams
Matty D: Rams over Cardinals
Cardinals won 12-6

Sunday at 1:00

Steelers over Falcons

Packers over Bills

G-Man: Bengals over Browns
Matty D’s pick is simply: “Manziel”

G-Man: Colts over Texans
Matty D: Texans over Colts

Chiefs over Raiders (Revenge time in KC)

Patriots over Dolphins

Giants over Redskins

Panthers over Buccaneers

Ravens over Jaguars

Sunday at 4:05

Broncos over Chargers

Jets over Titans

Sunday at 4:25

Lions over Vikings

Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday Night Football


Monday Night Football

Saints over Bears


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