Matty D’s Week 9 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man

It’s gonna be a quick one this week. The G-Man and I can’t stop tying each sticking week; maybe we are too smart. Nah, we went 9-6 last week so we don’t know that much. Best game of the weekend is easily Denver and Manning visiting the Pats and Brady in Foxboro. A great annual rivalry between the two greatest quarterbacks of our generation. Don’t forget about the Ravens visiting the Steelers on Sunday Night in one of the NFL’s nastiest rivalries.

A quick glance at how the 2nd season on the Thunderblog is shaping up…

Season Series Standings:

Matty D – 71-38

G-Man – 69-41

Weekly Series: 2-2-4

Week 9 Cold Hard Locks

(Underlined denotes home team. G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted)

Bye Week Teams: Atlanta, Buffalo ,Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Tennessee

Thursday at 8:30

Saints over Panthers

Both of us took the Saints even though they are on the road. This is a team to watch as the have found somewhat of a running game with a reinvented Mark Ingram, they should only improve.

Sunday at 1:00

Browns over Buccaneers

I could see the Browns losing this game because they are the Browns, but the Buccos look like most Cleveland teams this season.

Bengals over Jaguars

Cincy continues to get back on track and with A.J. Green finally back look for them to roll the Jags.

Cardinals over Cowboys

Romo isn’t playing but I’m not sure it would have mattered, this is a very, very good Cardinals team that is finally shaking off the underrated label.

Eagles over Texans

The Eagles have lost two games against playoff bound teams with more than 1 chance at the goal line to steal those victories.  If they can stop turning it over, those games would never have gotten that close and the Birds would be undefeated. As soon as Nick Foles starts clicking, the league will be put on notice.

Chiefs over Jets

Dolphins over Chargers

Heck of a pass rush down in Miami. Chargers have stumbled recently and the Dolphins are starting to look half decent. I see them pull the home upset here with Tannehill  playing well and Cameron Wake and Co making friends with Phillip Rivers more than a few times.

G-Man – Chargers

Vikings over Washington

If Colt McCoy were starting, I would pick Washington. But RGIII couldn’t wait until after the bye week to come back.

Sunday at 4:05

49ers over Rams

The 49ers are looking to really get their game going. Hopefully they got healthy over their bye because they need to keep pace with Arizona.

Sunday at 4:25

Patriots over Broncos

Best game of the weekend. It should be fun to watch but more defensive then most will realize. I am taking Brady because he is at home but also because he is 10-5 against Peyton. And if Gronk is truly back, which I believe he is, then Brady is the dimension of his offense that makes it elite.

Seahawks over Raiders

Oh the poor Raiders. They aren’t very good, can’t catch a break, and have to play Seattle in Seattle. 0-8 but at least Derrick Carr has shown some promise.

Sunday at 8:30

Steelers over Ravens

This should be a violent game. A lot of Le’Veon Bell will test rookie LB C.J. Mosely and that Ravens front seven. Joe Flacco will find success with the two Smiths outside the hash marks. Big Ben had such an incredible week last week and I don’t see that happening again but the Steelers are at home and that will give them a close edge.

Monday Night Football 8:30

Colts over Giants

Crappy Monday Night Game as the Colts will take out their anger after last week and thump the Giants.


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