Guess Who’s Back?


Hello Thunderfaithful! It has been too long! September was quite the month for all of us. I was on the IR with a work-related injury, Dr. Dan joined the Thundercrew (and has been killing might I add), and Matty D continues to seemingly always pick the right NFL winners (although I think he never posted last week’s Cold Hard Locks because he knew I was going to beat him in Pick’em AND Fantasy). In the Sports World, the Phillies wrapped up their season with some promise for waaaay down the road but will need to fix the current problems that plague the team and their gigantic payroll. THE ROYALS MADE THE PLAYOFFS. Holy crap, I never thought that’d happen. If you told me ten years years ago that the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles would be playing for the American League title, I’d probably still be laughing. Seriously though, I’m very excited to see how long the magic can last. The NFL Season is well underway and THE EAGLES ARE 4-1!!!!!!!!! Probably shouldn’t use that many exclamation points considering the almost historic collapse last week but 4-1 is 4-1 and the Giants are in town this week. It’s been business as usual for Peyton and crew while Tom Brady finally got over not getting a high five last Sunday night proving he’s still got it. Maybe he can go consult the Wolverines, am I right Matty D? Speaking of CFB, everyone is beating up everyone and I LOVE it. The fact that both Mississippi schools pulled out W’s last week may throw off my SEC Preview‘s Picks, but I can’t not be happy for craziness.

The real reason I come to you this morning, Thunderfaithful, is for one special reason. I was very upset I couldn’t write a preview for what begins tonight so I felt the need to make an appearance before writing about tonight. What happens tonight? I am so glad you asked…


Specifically, the Flyers play the Bruins tonight. It’ll be a tough game for the Flyers to pull out considering it’s in Boston, but it’s time to make a statement boys. Captain Claude doesn’t care he has a lower body injury, he wants to play some puck.


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