Matty D’s Week 4 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man

I am unfortunately watching two teams who won’t be in the playoffs on this Thursday night. But whatever, its still football and fantasy is involved.

It’s a big week this week for many teams but first let’s look back at last week. The G-Man and myself tied with 10 correct picks.

Therefore the season series is:

Matty D – 30-18

G-Man – 28-20

Weekly Series: 2-0-1 in favor of Matty D

Week 4 Cold Hard Locks

(Underlined denotes home team. G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday at 8:30

Redskins over Giants – 28 to 24

Pretty much because the Giants are terrible. (I am currently watching this game and the Giants are winning.)

Sunday at 1:00

Packers over Bears – 35 to 28

Aaron Rodgers is taking a lot of flak. He will put the team on his back. The Packers were embarrassed last week but there is too much talent here to lay another egg. I still like the Bears but their defense simply isn’t living up to the expectations of the ’85 Bears. Still see Cutler having success but Rodgers is the best in the league and Eddie Lacy is due for a huge game after taking some serious criticism.

Texans over Bills – 13 to 9

EJ Manuel is who we thought he was. That is not very good by the way. The Bills will struggle until they get a new quarterback. The Texans simply need Fitzpatrick to be a game manager and let their defense and running game do the heavy lifting. This is especially true if Arian Foster comes back. Oh and DeAndre Hopkins is pretty damn good.

Colts over Titans – 27 to 20

Andrew Luck and the Colts finally got on track. I really want to pick the Titans because I like the team but there just isn’t enough. Look for Trent Richardson to have a huge game and even Bishop Sankey of the Titans to have some success but at the end of the day anyone would take Luck over Locker. (Wait Locker is out

Panthers over Ravens – 17 to 13

Cam Newton playing is the reason for this pick. Still don’t think the Ravens have the mojo they need. Also the Panthers defense was embarrassed last week. Can’t see it happening two weeks in a row. Plus I don’t have faith in Joe Flacco. Talk about blah.

Lions over Jets – 24 to 10

Geno Smith is a terrible quarterback. If Michael Vick plays this game pick changes. But Geno simply doesn’t have it. Also these Lions are playing very well with a good defense and Megatron to contend with. But this is more about Geno Smith than it is about Detroit. Sorry New York, it is simply meant to be.

Buccaneers over Steelers– 21 to 17

Why after last week? The Bucs were embarrassed last week and their pride will drive them. Also new QB Mike Glennon is playing with a chip on his shoulder. I like the Steelers but they lost a lot on defense due to injury this past week. Lovie Smith is a good coach who needs this game.

G-Man – Steelers

Raiders over Dolphins – 14 to 10

The Dolphins have more talent than the Raiders. But that team needs new coaching. Plus the Raiders are playing in the Black Hole and don’t have win yet, such is the fickle beast that is NFL parody. Look for MJD’s return to help and James Jones to have a decent game.

G-Man – Dolphins


Sunday at 4:05

Chargers over Jaguars – 27 to 16

The Jaguars are really bad, regardless of my feelings about Blake Bortles.

Sunday at 4:25

Falcons over Vikings – 31 to 20.

Matt Ryan is letting everyone know not to forget about him. And Roddy White should be back. I think this game will be close simply because Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t have a lot of study-able game film.

Eagles over 49ers – 34 to 24

Can’t pick against my Birds until they lose. Friday Night Foles overcomes a proud effort from San Fran and then Jim Harbaugh takes the newly vacant Michigan football head coach position beginning the spiral in the bay.

Sunday at 8:30

Saints over Cowboys – 49 to 35

Drew Brees is still trying to get people on the bandwagon. Graham, Colston, Cooks, Stills, and Thomas will all have TD catches and the Saints win the shootout on the turf in Arlington. Romo may not last through the game.

Monday at 8:30

Patriots over Chiefs – 20 to 16

The Pats haven’t figured it out yet but the Chiefs are still too beat up. Plus Brady is still Brady. If this was December I would be taking Kansas City.


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