Matty D’s Week 3 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man

Hester breaks record

Devin Hester became the NFL’s all-time leader in return touchdowns last night with Deon Sanders in the building. Is he a Hall of Famer?

This is where we start to see the contenders separate from the pretenders. Game tape is out now and coaches are starting to figure out weaknesses. Some 2-0 teams will falter and some 0-2 teams will rise. But it is still no time to panic for any team in the NFL, unless you are the Giants that is. 

The season series between Matty D and the G-Man has been lopsided so far.

After 2 weeks, Matty D is up 2-0, winning last week with a 9-7 record. The G-Man came in at 8-8

So to tally it up:

Matty D – 20-12

G-Man – 18-14

Weekly Series: 2-0 in favor of Matty D

The G-Man needs a big week…………

Week 3 Cold Hard Locks

(Underlined denotes home team. G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday at 8:30

Atlanta over Tampa Bay – 27 to 20

Atlanta is without Roddy White, which is a big loss. But Tampa is without starting running back Doug Martin and All-Pro defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. That is simply too much to overcome, especially with Matty Ice and his turf. At 2-1 Atlanta is looking good. At 0-3, the Bucs are in panic mode. The Buccaneers are learning a NFL lesson, you don’t win the Super Bowl in the offseason.

Sunday at 1

Eagles over Redskins – 34 to 24

This is a big game for many reasons. If the Eagles win, they take a commanding lead in the division at 3-0, especially if the Cowboys lose to the Rams. Plus they begin to shake off the handful of doubters that question their start. If the Redskins win, Kirk Cousins stakes his claim as a contender for the future at QB and the Redskins are right in the thick of the East race. But I have questions about Cousins. Statistics show that Cousins isn’t good when starting games. The Eagles D has been underrated and will be fired up to face their old teammate DeSean Jackson. But more importantly, its the Eagles offense that will lead this team. Much has been said about Nick Foles’ struggles. Yet the Eagles are first in the league in points and first in the league in yards. Plus Darren Sproles has made some forget about LeSean McCoy. I have a feeling that Shady is going to remind people about just how tantalizing he is. Oh and Zach Ertz, yeah that kid is good.

Sproles over Colts

Sproles has been the hero of the NFL so far! Thanks Saints – from EVERY EAGLES FAN

Bills over Chargers – 14 to 10

There are a couple of things going for the Bills here. First, they are at home. Second, they have some serious moxie. Third, Sammy Watkins. But fourth and not least, the Chargers will have a let down after their emotional win over the Seattle Seahawks. With Ryan Mathews out and Keenan Allen limited due to injury, the Chargers will struggle on offense giving Buffalo a shocking 3-0 start.

Rams over Cowboys – 20 to 17

The Rams can play defense. They have one of the best pass rushes in the game. Tony Romo is not his old self. The Rams can’t really play offense. Enter the Cowboys’ terrible defense. Edge: St Louis Rams.

G-Man – Cowgirls

Texans over Giants – 14 to 6

The Giants suck.

eli derp derp

If only Doc’s team was as good as his posts. Derp Derp

Saints over Vikings – 42 to 10

No Adrian Peterson. The Superdome. The Saints are 0-2. Drew Brees isn’t pleased. Rob Ryan isn’t pleased. This is the recipe for a blowout. The Saints are back in business. Who dat?

Bengals over Titans – 24 to 13

The Bengals could be the best team in football. The defense is ferocious. The offense has underrated explosiveness and a productive running game. I like the Titans but I’m not sure they are ready for the level of play the Bengals bring. Could be closer than I am predicting but there is so much talent in Cincy these days.

Ravens over Browns – 17 to 13

Both of these teams can play defense. I just don’t trust Hoyer enough yet to give the Browns an edge. I will be routing for Cleveland, but I’m picking the Ravens. That defense is underrated and impressed me last Thursday Night. Plus I think Flacco has enough targets to get by against a sticky Browns defense.

G-Man – Browns

Packers over Lions – 31 to 24

Really G-Man? Picking against Aaron Rodgers? Last week against the Jets, they were down 21-3 and Rodgers went ahead and said “screw it, I’m doing this myself”. By the end, Rodgers was discount double-, no wait, showing us his title belt. The best player in football is going to show Mr. Stafford how the position is played.

G-Man – Lions

Colts over Jaguars – 24 to 13

The Jaguars aren’t good and the Colts are desperate for a win. Andrew Luck will knock around a Jaguars defense that simply gets no support from a plodding, pedestrian offense.


Patriots over Raiders – 34 to 13

The Raiders are already stamping their claim as the worst team in football. Just ask veteran safety and potential Hall-of-Famer Charles Woodsen. The Patriots are getting better and will lay waste to Derrick Carr and an undermanned Raiders defense.

Sunday at 4:05

Cardinals over 49ers – 19 to 17

This is a divisional matchup which are always close. I just don’t trust Kaepernick’s decision making yet. He has an arsenal around him with depth at the skill positions and a power running game. He has a great defense. Yet he is still making rookie mistakes. I see a late turnover being the difference here in a pivotal early season clash.

G-Man – 49ers

Sunday at 4:25

Seahawks over Broncos – 24 to 21

Does Peyton Manning want revenge? No doubt. Does it matter when you play in Seattle? No. With the best home field advantage in football, the Seahawks defense want to regain their swagger after last week’s debacle. Plus Beast Mode and Russell will prove just enough to keep Seattle in the top seat as the game’s premier team. But it is all about the 12th Man. Hard for his teammates to hear Peyton yell Omaha up at CenturyLink Field.


Welcome back Peyton… the Legion of Boom is waiting.

Chiefs over Dolphins – 27 to 24

I don’t miss Andy Reid with Chip Kelly in town now, but he was a great coach here and still is. Great coaches don’t lose 3 in a row to start the season. Look for the Chiefs to pull out an desperation win against an average team in Miami. Think Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis both have a big game on the ground.

G-Man – Dolphins

Sunday at 8:30

Panthers over Steelers – 20 to 17

It will be close and both defenses will play very, very well. I simply don’t believe in the Steelers or Big Ben anymore. The Panthers are are good team and will punish poor Ben and a lackluster Steelers offense into submission. Plus in Cam I trust.

Monday at 8:30

Jets over Bears -13 to 10

I am picking the Jets because the football gods frowned upon them last week. Then again, its the Jets, the football gods hate them. But they can play some great defense and if they can get up 21-3 again, the Bears don’t have Aaron Rodgers to bail them out. I am probably wrong here but hey, sometimes you need to be gutsy.

G-Man – Bears


If you are a Jets fan you will understand this picture.

Food for Thought: Which New York team is worse, Jets or Giants?

Answer: Without a doubt and rooted in fact the Giants hahaha.


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