Matty D’s Week 2 NFL Cold Hard Locks Featuring the G-Man


Thomas and Chancellor

Legion of Boom in Week 2

I was going to talk about what happened in Week 1. But instead I will take this introduction for a quick note on what might be the worst public relations week in the history of the National Football League. It starts with domestic violence but it really goes deeper than that. Many have said that the NFL shouldn’t be acting like the law, that is for our justice system. That is blatantly wrong. The NFL at its core is a business. And as a business its brand, its identity, its name means everything. Just notice the items you buy everyday. You buy items you trust. The NFL must protect its brand above all else. Its subconscious as a consumer to notice when a brand name falls apart. Now the NFL’s shield has some dents in it. What should the league do? I’m unsure, I want to hear the whole story. But I do know they need to clean it up. Something tells me they will. But make these suspensions hard and long and leave no avenue for pleas and reductions. That being said, we are a country whose founders believed in innocence until proven guilty, I hope that will continue. But once found guilty, punishment should be quick and severe. America is the land of second chances, but you must earn that second chance after suffering the consequences of your actions.

Anyways, on to Week 2.

Week 2 Cold Hard Locks

(Underlined denotes home team. G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday at 8:30

Steelers over Ravens – We were both wrong here, just like every Ravens fan who wore a #27 jersey.

Sunday at 1

Bills over Dolphins – 17 to 16

I was very off the Bills bandwagon coming into this season. But they took apart what I thought was a very good Bears team last week and I am circling the wagons up there in Buffalo. Home game against a very good divisional opponent, but the Bills can play D. It will be low scoring and hard hitting with both of these defenses but I do think the Bills, playing for their late owner Ralph Wilson, will come out in this scrappy showdown.

G-Man – Dolphins

Bengals over Falcons – 27 to 17

Well I thought the Falcons would be better. The offense definitely is but the Bengals defense is the real deal. How the Bengals exactly are underrated is confusing to me, but the Falcons will learn all about just how good they are. Oh and you can watch both Julio Jones and AJ Green make cornerbacks look silly.

Saints over Browns – 28 to 13

Drew Brees is mad, Rob Ryan is madder. Sorry Browns, maybe Manziel soon?

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is emotional.

Titans over Cowboys – 31 to 28

I picked the Titans to win last week. They are good. We will see if they are very good soon enough. Tony Romo will play better but the home cooking for the Titans will make the day.

Panthers over Lions – 23 to 20

Yeah, I watched the Lions on Monday Night. They were playing the Giants, the Giants. The Panthers have been disrespected all offseason. They are taking it out on their opponents. Superman is back, Megatron will come up just a little short.

G-Man – Lions

Jaguars over Redskins – 16 to 10

This is more of me against the Redskins and RGIII than me praising the Jaguars. Something isn’t right with the Skins and I think it is the QB. Love him, love his game, love his skill set. Don’t love him in Washington. Can’t put my finger on it.

G-Man – Redskins

Patriots over Vikings – 35 to 20

Tom Brady doesn’t lose twice. He even shaved his beard. Tom Brady doesn’t lose twice.

Tom Brady Angry

Cardinals over Giants – 17 to 3

Haha the Giants, they look so bad, haha. The Cardinals are also good.

Sunday at 4:05

Seahawks over Chargers – 20 to 10

The Chargers are good enough to hang with the Seahawks, especially outside of Seattle. But Russell Wilson looked so good and that defense can travel well.

Buccaneers over Rams – 13 to 6

Defense, defense, defense here. I think there isn’t even an offense touchdown in this game. Both QB situations are more than murky. Bucs get the edge because they are at home

Sunday at 4:25

Broncos over Chiefs – 35 to 20

The Chiefs are losing defensive starters left and right. That team is not going in the right direction. Enter Peyton Manning stage left and the Chiefs start 0-2.

Packers over the Jets – 17 to 13

The Jets can play some defense but Aaron Rodgers is better.

Title Belt

Title Belt

Texans over Raiders – 20 to 10

Rookie QB meet JJ Watt. Texans don’t need Clowney. Raiders need a lot.

Sunday at 8:30

49ers over Bears – 27 to 24

All the worries about the 49ers evaporated with their Week 1 win. The Bears are better than the Cowboys but won’t have enough as the 49ers open their new stadium on Sunday Night.

Monday at 8:30

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!

The Eagles come out firing on Monday Night. Luck keeps it close but Shady McCoy is the difference maker, or was that Darren Sproles? Does it matter, its all about Speedacity.

McCoy and Sproles

What a one-two punch!

Matty D – 10-5

G-Man – 9-6

Matty D is up 1-0 in the Weekly Showdown




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