At Kickoff

A New Mini Series for the Thunderblog, At Kickoff is a brief but engaging lightning fast read to get you thinking during the game.

In one sentence, worst case scenario for each team in the NFL:

Seahawks – Earl Thomas gets injured returning punts, Richard Sherman can’t stop getting illegal contact penalties, Marshawn Lynch’s holdout affects his play, and the porous offensive line and injury-prone receiving core are too much for Russell Wilson to overcome. (Scary thing is that all of these are very possible!)

Packers – Aaron Rodgers gets hurt.

Bills – They move to Toronto after new ownership is decided.

Bears – Jay Cutler goes out with a suspect injury.

Bengals – Andy Dalton loses in the first round of the playoffs again.

Ravens – Ray Rice can’t get his mojo back.

Browns – Johnny Manziel starts in Week 4……….and is worst than Tim Couch.

Steelers – Le’Veon Bell and LeGarette Blount are suspended for half the season.

Redskins – RGIII gets hurt in Week 3 and Kirk Cousins plays just a little better until Griffin’s Week 12 return.

Texans – Clowney’s and Watt’s attitudes clash and Andre Johnson starts fighting his own teammates.

Jaguars – They don’t start Blake Bortles even one time.

Eagles – Nick Foles isn’t who we thought he was.

Titans – Jake Locker plays well but can’t stay healthy leaving Whisenhunt with a tough decision.

Chiefs – Jamaal Charles gets hurt on the first play from scrimmage.

Patriots – Tom Brady gets hurt and Jimmy Garoppolo makes it a QB controversy.

Dolphins – They have another bullying scandal or just any scandal at all.

Vikings – The University of Minnesota field leads to injuries to Peterson and Patterson.

Rams – The quarterback situation is absolutely terrible and they are forced to overpay for someone’s backup.

Saints – Drew Brees gets hurt.

Falcons – From bad to worse, the Falcons implode on offense as well as defense leading to Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff getting canned and Matt Ryan being questioned as the franchise’s future.

Raiders – The move to LA, or Sacramento, or Las Vegas, or ANYWHERE other than the Black Hole.

Jets – Mike Vick overtakes Geno Smith but gets injured and Rex Ryan can’t hold on to his job.

Panthers – No playmakers on offense overwhelm the defense and Cam Newton starts pouting again.

Buccaneers – They don’t live up to expectations in a deep NFC South and realize their QB of the future isn’t on the roster.

49ers – The off field distractions come on field issues and a crazy deep NFC West swallows them up as the coach bails on the GM and Kaepernick looks worse and worse.

Cowboys – They trade for Johnny Manziel….and play him at defensive back.

Colts – Trent Richardson keeps up his bust status.

Broncos – Peyton Manning gets hurt.

Giants – It is already going all wrong, derp derp derp.

Lions – Suh and Fairley fight on the field while Megatron can’t stay on it due to injury.

Chargers – Rivers gets overly frustrated after early season struggles and they can’t find their groove as the Chiefs and Broncos race out ahead.

Cardinals – If they play in the NFC West, oh wait they do.



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