Dr. Dan’s NFL Injury Update Week 3

Well, week 3 proved to be less injury prone for offensive players than last week’s bloody Sunday. With six teams on bye this week (Cardinals, Seahwaks, Broncos, bengals, Browns, and Rams), many injured players will be given some much needed time to rest. However, many of us will be digging deep into our benches to…


Dr.Dan’s NFL Injury Updates Week 2

Well, I didn’t expect that when I volunteered to write this article that we’d be starting one of the most injury-plagued NFL seasons in recent history. Seriously, between indictments and injuries there’s almost no one left. While all these injuries are devastating fantasy teams, at least it makes the waiver wire and trading blocks a…

Dr. Dan’s NFL Injury Updates – Week 1

Dr. Dan’s Injury Updates New segment coming to the Thunderblog – the injury update! All week-long we hear about the most recent season-derailing injuries to players all over the NFL – usually explained to us simple football watchin’ folk as “tears”, “dislocations”, or, for the Eli Mannings among us, simply as “injuries”. Well, we think…

At Kickoff

A New Mini Series for the Thunderblog, At Kickoff is a brief but engaging lightning fast read to get you thinking during the game.

In one sentence, worst case scenario for each team in the NFL