OH NO Pierogi Down: The Presidential Address

It’s the Mrs. T’s Pierogi Race N’at….

Are the few words that most Pittsburgh Pirates fans look forward to hearing during the inning breaks at all home games.  A tradition that has been around since 1998, beginning at Three Rivers Stadium, The Great Pierogi Race has included the likes of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Brauts and Hots and the Washington Nationals’ Presidents racing on the warning track at PNC Park.

Yes folks we have racing Polish delicacies in Pittsburgh

However, last night in the 6-1 series clinching win over the Dodgers, the Pirates lost an intricate member of the racing potato dumpling: Cheese Chester.  Submitted for your approval video of what happened…..


Cheese Chester had a sizable lead when all of a sudden he decided to taunt the field of Oliver Onion, Jalapeno Hanna and Sauerkraut Sal and boom sniper!  If you get to see the mlb.com clip a field of doctors run out onto the field immediately to tend to his tender foot.  All reports point to Cheese Chester being out 6-8 weeks with a broken foot.  The exciting news is that Potato Pete, the Brett Farve of the Pierogi Racing Circuit, is coming out of retirement once again to lace up his huge shoes.  If Chester makes it back by the end of the season and makes a run at the win total he may be eligible for MLB Comeback Player of the Year.  Stay Tuned Domers…more racing carbs to come.

Agree or disagree this has been the Presidential Address, thank you for your time, God Bless these United States of American and most importantly this ThunderBlog.

I am Jarred S. Barnes and I approve this message.





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