Check Out This Awesome SEPTA Subway Car

(City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Facebook Page) – Our friends PaperClips215, The Dufala Brothers and Ben Volta have all been nominated for Philadelphia Geek Awards. Ben Volta has been nominated for visual artist of the year for with work with us, particularly his project “We Are All Neurons,” where his work with our Art Education students was turned into a vinyl wrap for a car on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Elevated Train. See more about the awards here – Photo courtesy of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) 


So freakin’ cool. I’m riding the El to Matty D‘s place and back all day.


One thought on “Check Out This Awesome SEPTA Subway Car

  1. This reminds me when the NYCTA subway cars were covered with graffiti. However, the job looks professional and it doesn’t give one the feeling that the subway is going to pot.


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