Spurs Look to Fix Air Conditioning Problems


Source – The air conditioning issues during Game 1 of the NBA Finals in San Antonio caused LeBron James to cramp up and made the AT&T Center a sauna for the 19,000 in attendance.

Are the Spurs looking for someone new to make sure it never happens again?

A new senior operations manager position has recently been postedwhich specifically calls for someone with “Experience and knowledge of HVAC systems” among many other duties.

It doesn’t say the building operations job was created solely because of the problems during the NBA Finals, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some extra help to make sure LeBron is comfortable for his next visit.  

Hey, correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be fairly easy to get your AC fixed in the year 2014?  I mean if 29 other teams and every household in the USA have figured it out, how hard could it be.


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