Don Sterling’s Day in Court Went Exactly as You’d Expect, Called Wife a Pig and Had a Hard Time Telling the Court his Age


Source – Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling spent a second day on the witness stand railing against the NBA and challenging the attorneys who questioned him – including his own – then sent a shock through the courtroom when he lashed out at his estranged wife.

Shelly Sterling had just stepped down from the witness stand after the judge called for the end of Wednesday’s testimony and approached her husband of 58 years, apparently to give him a hug.

“Get away from me, you pig,” Donald Sterling blurted out in the sweltering courtroom, in which every one of the 102 seats was occupied.

When Blecher asked Sterling how old he was, his client sat in silence for several moments.

“C’mon,” Blecher finally said, “you’re not a woman, you can tell me.”

“80 years old,” Sterling said. “But I feel half that old.”

“How long have you been married?” Blecher asked.

“100 years,” Sterling said, eliciting laughter. “Fifty-eight years.”

It’s amazing how these Donald Sterling stories won’t end.  Just when you think it’s over, Don fires out insults in typical Don style and continues the saga.  And look at him, 80 years young!  I had him pegged at 52 but was never great at telling ages.

P.S.  Don just straight up slaying the crowd with his “married 58 years but might as well be 100 years” comment. A+ stuff.



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