On-the-Run Fugitive Gets Busted After Getting Quoted in Newspaper


(cbssports.com) – Jacob Close, a 25-year-old wanted for jumping bail, was spotted by authorities in the Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise “Your Opinion” section offering up his thoughts on the Redskins nickname. “I think they should keep the same name, but change the mascot to a potato,” Close said. HILARIOUS! At least for a hot minute anyway. Not so funny after someone in the police department saw Close’s picture along with his witty zinger (which is actually like 30 years old) because he was subsequently arrested and thrown back into jail. Campus police were looking for Close after getting a heads up from Ithaca City police (Close was arrested there originally) and staked him out on campus after spotting him in the paper. Close is now in Colombia County Prison on $25,000 bail awaiting extradition to New York.

So not only does this guy get quoted in a newspaper using his real name, but he also lets said newspaper use his picture? C’mon man, that’s amateur hour. Actually no, this is so dumb it makes amateur hour look professional. Everyone knows you change everything about your identity when you’re on the run; watch any episode of Law and Order or NCIS.


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