NBA Lightning Strike

NBAAs I ponder the questions of life over my morning glass of orange juice, I have come to realize just what is happening during this nutty NBA free agency cycle. One player is holding up the rest of the league. Just one guy has the power to bring basketball’s biggest stage to a grinding halt. Oh and it’s not LeBron James, the greatest player on the planet….

Bron SaluteIn fact, for all his greatness even King James is waiting on a fellow player. And its not Carmelo Anthony….

Carmelo Anthony

pretty much sums up my feeling on Melo

No, the player that everyone from ESPN to Steven A. Smith to Logan Schneck is waiting on is…

cboshThat’s right, Chris freakin Bosh! By no means am I saying he isn’t worthy of attention. Regardless of his statistics last season, Bosh is a Top-10 Power Forward in this league who can hit 3’s, drive to the hoop, post up, and pass. Oh and he is a versatile and willing defender who can take on both PFs and centers. He also appears to be the consummate teammate willing to sacrifice personal glory for team success. In my opinion he is a 20 and 10 guy who makes your team better.

So how is he holding up the best player on the planet, the most diverse scorer in the league, and a bunch of other big name guys? Because LeBron James is waiting on Bosh. According to reports, Bosh and the Heat are far apart on a salary number, approximately $10 million apart. And while the Heat try to get the Big 3 back together, the Houston Rockets want Chris Bosh and are willing to give him a maximum deal to team up with James Harden and Dwight Howard.

There is good old Chris Bosh, holding up the entire parade with a perfectly timed photobomb.

Bosh photobomb


My take: Bosh is going to take the max deal in Houston. LeBron decides to take Cleveland back, and Carmelo stays in New York. Poor Dwayne Wade.

The second tier free agents will get to feast soon. Guy I want, Chandler Parsons. More to come on him soon…


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