Minnesota Twins Introduce Self-Serve Beer Machine


Source – Fans scan their card at a machine and choose between four beers. These include Bud and Bud Light (38 cents per ounce) and Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale (40 cents per ounce). The prices are more or less consistent with what the team normally charges for an ounce of beer (38 cents, according to 2013 data).

Customers max out at 48 ounces of beer per 15 minutes, and the machines, which will have employees on hand to check for ID and fan who have already had too much, shut down by the seventh inning.

How about the Twins, correctly feeling the pulse of their fan base?  Who wouldn’t rather do all the work and serve yourself than have someone pour your beer for you?  And get a load of the guy whose job it is to just stand there and check IDs.  Completely helpless to the fact that his job is being taken over by robots.



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