Cory and Topanga Go to Dodger Stadium in Dodger Jerseys, Betraying Philadelphia

WHAT THE CRAP. “Boy Meets World” was, and still is, one of my favorite 90s TV Shows. But this is a gut punch! There were episodes dedicated to Cory trying to go a Phillies game but to be thwarted by Eric or getting detention from Mr. Feeny. Remember the time Cory and Shawn tried to go between the Spectrum and Topanga’s Sweet Sixteen? I sure do! The Matthews are Philadelphia!

In the upcoming sequel-series, “Girl Meets World,” the Cory and Topanga have kids and the show follows their daughter:

The only thing I have to say is Farkle better be Minkus’ kid.

I still can’t get over this whole Dodger thing. I think we need Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski to come to Citizens Bank Park. It’s the only way I’ll feel better.

Tiffani Thiessen

She’s Still Got It (source)

[H/t Bleacher Report]


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