Episode Two of “Games of Zones” is Here, and it’s Hilarious


Matty D read this and didn’t notice the Alert in the description before the jump. So here you go.

This is the second episode of the “Game of Zones” series, the Bleacher Report’s NBA/Game of Thrones mashup. In case you haven’t seen the first episode, here it is:

I recently finished catching up on Game of Thrones; I started watching thanks to Iceman’s Game of Thrones post from a few months back. Considering the content of the second episode, it was probably made in-between the airings of this season’s seventh and eighth episodes. Episode seven ends with Petyr Baelish pushing Lysa Arryn through the Moon Door–represented here by Phil Jackson as Baelish and Carmelo Anthony as Lysa–and episode eight features the now infamous battle between “The Red Viper” and “The Mountain.” Speaking of, I’d love to see that battle with Pau Gasol as “The Mountain,” since Marc plays “The Hound” here. I can’t decide on a player to be the Viper though…

What I really want clarified is the Heat. Up until dragon-Bosh is shown in the first episode, Pat Riley and Lebron seem to be Tywin and Jaime Lannister. But now with D-Wade as Daenerys, I don’t know what to think. I do think the second episode is better/funnier than the first, and that Bosh as a dragon is hysterical. That joke has been used on many occasions–even in NBA 2K13–but still hilarious nonetheless.

What’s your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below


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