Was 50 Cent’s First Pitch Really the Worst Ever?

First and foremost, this is BAD. I’m certainly not denying that,┬ábut everyone’s going crazy and calling this the absolute worst pitch first ever.

Congratulations to Carly Rae Jepsen, the Cincinnati mayor and countless others, as there might just be a new contender for the worst opening pitch. – SportsNation’s description for the above video

Sure, some of the accusations have been funny. Buzzfeed included 50’s reaction on Instagram and an Entourage reference, SportsNation’s post on ESPN.com included a Major League reference, but I’m definitely not convinced this is the worst ever. 50 at least threw it the full 60 feet, 6 inches, it just went WAY off to the left. It’s like Swaggy P’s but to the left instead of to the sky:

And honestly, 50 Cent could have thrown it right into the ground…

THERE IT IS! I wish I had the technology to show the trajectory if it hadn’t hit the ground three feet in front of the mound. It’d probably be a lot like the aforementioned Cincinnati mayor…

A lot like 50 Cent’s except he’s a righty while 50’s a lefty.

If I had to money on the matter, I’d go with Carly Rae but what do you think?


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