Man Celebrates Opening Day with a Streaking and Breaking and Entering Powerplay.

21 year old Decatur, G.A. man, Ashdon Gibbs, was arrested Monday, 5/31, in John’s Creek, G.A. after breaking into several homes wearing only a cowboy hat. Gibbs was apprehended outside of resident Bob Johnson’s house after Mr. Johnson found Gibbs in the house, naked, watching the Braves Opening Day game, and drinking beer. Johnson stated that Gibbs “He sat in the chair.  He likes the Braves, so he went and had a good time watching the Braves, drinking his beer.” Gibbs’ spree began when he stole a truck in Decatur, but details about when the nudity began remain undetermined. One of the many houses that Gibb’s entered was that of John’s Creek City Councilwoman Cori Davenport. Davenport’s 17 year old daughter spotted Gibbs in their kitchen and confirmed his selected Opening Day attire stating “he was completely naked,  he had a cowboy hat on.” I’m glad baseball is back, but in all my excitement I doubt my pants will be coming off. That being said, if I ever snap like Mr. Gibbs I’ll try to exercise a little class and dig my old John Rocker jersey out of the closet before going on a nudie B&E.Image

Source: WSB-TV


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