Hockey Roundup: The Home Stretch

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Friday, March 28th, 2014

Well we’ve reached the final stretch of the season. Every team has played at least 72 games, some are already in the playoffs, others are already eliminated. Here are every team’s current chances to make the playoffs according to Many of these percentages are rounded.

Eastern Conference

Already In: Boston Bruins
Already Out: Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres

Still in the Hunt:
Pittsburgh Penguins: 99.9% Chance (99.8% 1st Metropolitan)
Montreal Canadiens: 99.9% Chance (37% 2nd Atlantic, 63% 3rd ATL)
Tampa Bay Lightning: 99.98% Chance (63% 2nd ATL, 37% 3rd ATL)
New York Rangers: 99.4% Chance (70% 2nd MET, 24% 3rd MET, 4% WC1, 1% WC2)
Philadelphia Flyers: 94.2% Chance (24% 2nd MET, 49% 3rd MET, 14% WC1, 8% WC2)
Columbus Blue Jackets: 75.3% Chance (5% 2nd MET, 20% 3rd MET, 30% WC1, 19% WC2)
Detroit Red Wings: 46.4% Chance (22% WC1, 24% WC2)
Washington Capitals: 36% Chance (1% 2nd MET, 5% 3rd MET, 11% WC1, 18% WC2)
Toronto Maple Leafs: 29.2% Chance (12% WC1, 17% WC2)
New Jersey Devils: 17.9% Chance (1% 3rd MET, 5% WC1, 11% WC2)
Carolina Hurricanes: 0.8% Chance for WC2
Ottawa Senators: 0.7% Chance for WC2
New York Islanders: 0.000005% Chance for WC2

Western Conference

Already In: St. Louis Blues (99.9% 1st Central), San Jose Sharks (19% 1st Pacific, 81% 2nd PAC), Anaheim Ducks (81% 1st PAC, 19% 2nd PAC)
Already Out: Edmonton Oilers

Still in the Hunt:
Chicago Blackhawks: 99.9% Chance (61% 2nd CEN, 39% 3rd CEN)
Colorado Avalanche: 99.9% Chance (39% 2nd CEN, 61% 3rd CEN)
LA Kings: 99.9% Chance (99% 3rd PAC, 1% WC1)
Phoenix Coyotes: 81% Chance (1% 3rd PAC, 49% WC1, 31% WC2)
Minnesota Wild: 77.4% Chance (37% WC1, 40% WC2)
Dallas Stars: 37.4% Chance (13% WC1, 25% WC2)
Vancouver Canucks: 3.8% Chance for WC2
Nashville Predators: 0.3% Chance for WC2
Winnipeg Jets: 0.2% Chance for WC2
Calgary Flames: 0.00000039% Chance for WC2


Plenty of games between teams in the playoff hunt. The Maple Leafs visit the Flyers tonight and then Toronto travels to Detroit tomorrow night. Toronto could make a serious playoff push out of the four-way tie in the Wild Card race with two wins. The Sharks play in Colorado tomorrow in a potential WCF Preview. Two games on Sunday to watch out for are: Lighting @ Red Wings and Blackhawks @ Penguins. Lightning over Red Wings: Tampa Bay has gained a point in each of their last ten games, they seem completely recharged since the return of Steven Stamkos (pun fully intended). Detroit is very shaky at home this season and can’t handle the higher powered offenses. Penguins over Blackhawks: Chicago doesn’t travel very well and Pittsburgh is incredible at home.



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