NCAA March Madness ’14: Sweet Sixteen LOCKS

By now you’ve heard all the scores of the second round at least a billion times so no need for another round of “awards.” Quick check in on our picks:

Matt still has the lead but I’ve made it closer, 40 points to 39. I lead the potential points 147 to 120, I still have three Final Fours and both finalist while Matt only has two left and one finalist.


Because I picked Mercer, Matt won the last round 10-6 to 9-7. He now leads the Pick’em 34-14 to 30-18.


Unless otherwise noted, Matty D and I picked the same teams

South Regional

#1 Florida Gators vs. #4 UCLA Bruins
Thursday at 9:45pm on CBS

Matty D and I are both going with the Gators.

#10 Stanford Cardinal vs. #11 Dayton Flyers
Thursday at 7:15pm on CBS

Matt’s picking Stanford and I’m picking Dayton but I’m picking the Stanford band to sneak in booze again. I had the Cuse here while Matt originally had Kansas.

West Regional

#1 Arizona Wildcats vs. #4 San Diego State
Thursday at 10:17pm on TBS

One of the rare match-ups of our original picks! I have Arizona while Matt has San Diego State

#2 Wisconsin Badgers vs. #6 Baylor Bears
Thursday at 7:47pm on TBS

We both had Creighton into the Final Four (eh huh huh huh). I fully believe Baylor will take that spot in the Final Four now. Matt believes in Wisconsin.

Midwest Regional

#4 Louisville Cardinals vs. #8 Kentucky Wildcats
Friday at 9:45pm on CBS

Matt has loved Kentucky from the start of the season. He, like myself, had Wichita State here because (at least I thought) the Wildcats were too inconsistent. I still think that which is why I’m going with Louisville, the best #4 in the history of the NCAA Tourney.

#2 Michigan Wolverines vs. #11 Tennessee Volunteers
Friday at 7:15pm on CBS


East Regional

#1 Virginia Cavaliers vs. #4 Michigan State Spartans
Friday at 9:57pm on TBS

This has the potential to be an instant classic. I have Virginia in the Final Four while Matt has Sparty going to the Final Four as well. Oh boy.

#3 Iowa State Cyclones vs. #7 UConn Huskies

I’ve believed in Iowa State to reach the Elite Eight from the beginning while Matt had Villanova. Matty D’s hoping on the Cyclone with me, good choice Matt. Shabazz Napier will have a much tougher time taking over this game.

A LOT of competing picks in the Sweet Sixteen. Time for me to make a move.


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