Flyers/Devils Recap: From the Orange Side

Well Iceman wanted me to do it, and here it is: eh huh huh huh. Even Waldo’s upset and he’s wearing red:

Waldo CryingLeading up to and during the game, there was an incredible Twitter debate between Iceman, Matty D, and myself. Here are so highlights:

2-1 is your final score, the two teams split the four game season series. The Devils won this game the way I thought they would, not by the 5-1 score Iceman predicted, but by grinding it out. Just look at both of the Devils’ goals, great play in front of the net. Marty Brodeur shut down the Flyers by stopping 30 of 31 shots. I would love to bring in GOB about the ending but they refs made the right call. I’ve seen that go the opposite way but they got it right here.

The Flyers will need to work on their power play as they went 0 for 6 on the man advantage. The good news is that they didn’t let the Devils convert any of their three power play opportunities. Grossman’s goal is great to see that the defense can still score and make an offensive impact. However, the forwards need to set up. That’s two straight games where all the scoring (four goals in that span) came from the defensemen.

The Flyers have off until the weekend, when the ever hated Pittsburgh Penguins come into town for the start of a home-and-home. Get ready, JSB.


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