Devils Fall to the Red Wings, 7-4

New Jersey dropped their bid for the home and home sweep, losing to Detroit 7-4 on Friday night.  The Red Wings came out flying, getting a two goal lead.  Johan “Devil Killer” Franzen finished the night with a pair of goals and a pair of assists.  The Devils kicked it into gear, and took the lead by scoring three goals in three minutes.  It was almost as if they had all realized that it sucks enough they had to be in Detroit, they didn’t want to lose the game on top of it.  The momentum was short lived, however, as the Red Wings got the next five tallies.  Adam Henrique added to his beast streak by scoring twice, even though the last one was meaningless in the final two minutes.  Brodeur will get the start tonight, as the Devils take on the Hurricanes in Newark at 7:00.

One thought on “Devils Fall to the Red Wings, 7-4

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