Sochi Women’s Hockey Roundup: Catching Up

Your shot of hockey to go with the Russian Olympics
February 11th, 2014

Well in case you haven’t heard, the Philadelphia Area got hit HARD last week by an ice storm so that’s why we haven’t written anything in the last seven days. I know you’ve missed us. The thing that bummed me out the most was that I wasn’t able to finish my team-by-team previews for the Ice Hockey Tournaments at the Olympics that I had promised during my post about the amazing USA Hockey pump up video.

The Women’s Tournament is well underway as four days of competition have been completed. The format features two groups of four, named A and B respectively; Group A features the four best qualifying countries while Group B features the bottom four. Unlike the Men’s Tournament, not all teams qualify for the medal round, only six of the eight competing countries. The top two countries in Group A are automatically place into the semifinals while the third and fourth place countries from Group A will face-off with the first and second place countries from Group B.

With having only three games in group play, the Olympic Tournaments feature a point system I think the NHL should incorporate: three points for winning in regulation, two points for winning in either overtime or a shootout, and the usual one point for a lose in overtime or a shootout.

Through four days of competition, here are the standings:

Country              W    OTW    OTL     L     Pts    GF     GA    Diff
United States-x   
2   –   0    –    0    –   0      6       12       1     +11
Canada-x            2   –   0    –    0    –   0      6        8        0      +8
Finland-y             0   –   0    –    0    –   2      0        1        6      -5
Switzerland-y      0   –   0    –    0    –   2      0        0       14     -14

Country              W    OTW    OTL     L     Pts    GF     GA    Diff
           2   –   0    –    0    –   0      6        5        0      +5
Russia-y              2   –   0    –    0    –   0      6        6        2      +4
Japan-e               0   –   0    –    0    –   2      0        1        3      -2
Germany-e          0   –   0    –    0    –   2      0        1        8       -7

x- qualified for Semifinals
y- qualified for Quarterfinals
e- eliminated from medal round

The USA has played very well winning both of their games; 3-1 over Finland and 9-0 over Switzerland. In the 9-0 victory, the team set an Olympic Record by scoring three goals in 55 seconds during the first period. Through the two games, the USA has five different women with two goals: Hilary Knight, Alex Carpenter, Monique Lamoureux (both assisted by her twin sister Jocelyne), Amanda Kessel (sister of Maple Leafs and USA RW Phil Kessel), and fellow Berkshire School alum Kendall Coyne. Coyne, Kessel, and Knight have each assisted two goals to lead the team with four points.

Coyne joins Kacey Bellamy as the second Berkshire Bear on the Olympic Team as Bellamy returns to the team after already competing in Vancouver. Bellamy is amongst the team’s leaders in time on ice playing nearly 22 minutes against Finland and about 18 and a half minutes against Switzerland.

The USA plays their final group play against Canada tomorrow. These two teams absolutely HATE each other. If you’re a fan of hockey fights, watch this game. They’ve fought multiple times in the last few months: back in October in Vermont and then again in December in North Dakota. “We will not be pushed around,” USA coach Katey Stone said after the fight in December. The US has won four of the last seven matchups but regardless who wins, this game will be a great preview of the Gold Medal Game. If you want to watch this game live, it will be at 7:30AM tomorrow morning with coverage starting a 7 on NBCSN.



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