Better Late Than Never Hockey Roundup

Your morning shot of hockey to go with your coffee.
January 23rd, 2014


Very Quick Hits today. Busy day today, apologies for the tardiness. Here are yesterday’s picks in case you missed them. Asterisk indicates who I picked:

Penguins* down Canadiens 5-1 – Malkin and Crosby lead the way once again for Pittsburgh.

Red Wings edge Blackhawks* 5-4 (SO) – Six rounds in the shootout. It’s a shame the Wings moved East because now we only see this classic rivalry twice a season.

Flames block their way over Coyotes 3-2 – Calgary blocked 24 shots last night. Defense wins.

1-2 last night. 57-55 on the season now. I’m not a fan of my downward trend right now.

The Flyers played awful last night. They couldn’t control the puck nor take advantage of the fact that the Canes couldn’t put the game away. 3-2 was the final score and with the win, Carolina wins the season series as they now lead it 3-0.

Highlight of the Night:


The Flyers return to action tonight in Columbus to face the Blue Jackets. This is the third time these two teams meet, but the first matchup featuring Sergei Bobrovski. Bob had been injured at the time of the previous two matchups and the Flyers did not play the Blue Jackets last season. The Flyers will need to get back into the groove they were in but have since started playing like it’s October 2013. The Key to tonight will be to not be fancy. Too many times last night the Flyers tried to dangle around defenders and had no one in front of the net. Put a crowd in front of Bob, and the goals will come. You catch this game at 7 on Comcast SportsNet.


Nine other games around the league. Only one game to keep eye on: the Los Angeles Kings visiting the Anaheim Ducks. This is a matchup that we’ll see Saturday Night at Dodger Stadium and the NHL couldn’t be happier. These two teams have some of the best players in the league. For tonight, it’ll be the last Kings/Ducks game in Anaheim for the regular season. The Ducks finally lost at home on Tuesday night but it won’t happen tonight. The Kings have dropped their last three games and currently sit 15 points behind the Ducks. Granted, the Kings handed the Ducks one of their two home shootout losses in their last meeting without Jonathan Quick in net but the Ducks have only gotten better since then. Ducks will down the Kings tonight.


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