Billion Dollar Bracket, By the G-Man’s Numbers

Today, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffett announced the biggest March Madness prize to date: One Billion US Dollars. The terms? Perfection. That’s right, all you have to do is pick the correct outcome in all 63 games (play-ins don’t count, as per usual) during the 2014 Men’s Basketball Tournament, and there’s no entry fee! Assuming the “coin-flip method” for picking a bracket, the odds of a perfect bracket are simply one over two to the sixty-third power or 1 in 9.22 quintillion. In reality, the probability is more likely than that considering a 16-seed has never ever come out of the first round.

To enter this Bracket Challenge, you must be a US Citizen over the age of 21 and must be one of the first 10 million to enter; not to mention there’s a limit to one entry per household. Considering the 10 million entires, the probability we’ll see SOMEONE with a perfect bracket is 1 in 1.08 trillion.

With such low odds, Quicken also announced that “all qualified entrants are eligible for the 20 first prize awards of $100,000 for selecting the competition’s top 20 most accurate ‘imperfect’ brackets.”

More information will be released on Quicken’s Facebook and Twitter pages as we get closer to the tournament.


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