Here Are the Last Pitches of 23 of the Last 25 World Series, It Will Give You the Chills

Found this on the Bleacher Report. If this doesn’t give you the chills, I don’t even know what to say about your baseball-fanship. It doesn’t include 1995 (Atlanta Braves) or 2005 (Chicago White Sox).


  • This made me miss Harry Kalas more than ever
  • Joe Buck clearly doesn’t like any team that is not the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Al Michaels had the first call, the 1989 World Series. Bring back the World Series on NBC
  • As a Phillies Fan, even I was bummed that he cut off Tom Cheek’s call before he told Joe Carter to “Touch ’em all”

Let me know what you thought/would’ve liked to see in the comments below


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