ALUMNI WATCH: CJ Drops 24 points in Second Game with Stampede


CJ McCollum played his second game with the Idaho Stampede last night. Just like with Friday, CJ was given 24 minutes to play, but he made the most of it. CJ dropped 24 points in just under 24 minutes on the floor last night. He started off slow, only scoring 7 points and his lone rebound and assist in the first half. When he came back onto the court in the second half, CJ’s first basket was a three-pointer. It was his first three of his rehab assignment and it jump-started his play to 17 second half points. CJ’s play proved to be critical for the Stampede down the stretch of the fourth quarter as he and Stampede standout, Pierre Jackson, led the Stampede into OT. McCollum’s allotted 24 minutes were used up so he didn’t see any action in overtime. Jackson led the team to a 138-131 victory for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers with a game-high 39 Points.

CJ’s assignment in Idaho seems to have come to end as McCollum is to be expected at Trail Blazers’ practice tomorrow. He finished this weekend with 37 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists in about 41 minutes over two games. Portland has a game on Tuesday in Sacramento. Whether CJ will be in the lineup is yet to be seen, but if these two games are any indicator, CJ should be making his NBA debut on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Blazers’ Beat Writer Casey Holdahl reports that CJ WILL be traveling with the team on Tuesday to Sacramento.


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