Bowl Season: Sugar Bowl

Bowl Season Continues On:

As I said today in the Hockey Roundup, some unforeseen events (*cough* intern messed up *cough*) prevented me from completing the Bowl Previews for the rest of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So here are the standings through January 1st, 2014:

1) Matty D: 18 – 11

2) G-Man: 17 – 12

T3) Ariel Glassberg, Jake Goldberg, and JSB: 16 – 13



#3 Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1, 7-1 SEC) vs.  #11 Oklahoma Sooners (10-2, 7-2 Big 12) at 8:30 on ESPN


Super Dome Sugar

The Superdome will be, as usual, the host for the 2014 Sugar Bowl

Alabama Offense vs. Oklahoma Defense

Points Per Game: 38.8 vs. 21.3 Edge: Alabama

Rush Yards Per Game: 212.0 vs. 138.3 Edge: Alabama

Passing Yards Per Game: 236.9 vs. 198.0 Edge: Alabama

The Sooners would’ve gotten the edge on passing excpet for the fact that the Tide has AJ McCarron. The Heisman Finalist won’t get his chance at a three-peat, but McCarron is hungry for a big-stage win and the Superdome is perfect place for that big stage. When Bama beat LSU in New Orleans for the National Championship two years, McCarron threw for 324 yards. The Sooners will need to slow down McCarron and his calvacade of weapons, particularly T.Y. Hilton and Amiri Cooper. I’m not entirely sure of that, which is why Alabama Offense edges out Oklahoma Defense

Oklahoma Offense vs. Alabama Defense

Points Per Game: 31.8 vs. 11.3 (2nd in Nation) Edge: Alabama

Rush Yards Per Game: 235.8 vs. 108.3 (11th in Nation) Edge: Alabama

Passing Yards Per Game: 186.7 vs. 166.3 (5th in Nation) Edge: Alabama

The Sooners have had multiple quarterbacks: Trevor Knight, Blake Bell, and Kendal Thompson, and Bob Stoops hasn’t said who will start under center. Knight and Bell have the abilities to be dual-threat QBs, which may be their only hope against the Tide as Alabama struggled against both Nick Marshall and Johnny Manziel of Auburn and Texas A&M respectively. Other than that, the Tide dominated defensively. Alabama Defense edges out Oklahoma Offense

The last time Oklahoma faced Nick Saban in the Superdome was in 2004 when Saban was coaching LSU. Nick Saban wants to show why he’s staying in Tuscaloosa, and the Tide will show up BIGTIME! All three of us are going with Alabama to win the 2014 Sugar Bowl.


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