Week 13 Sit ‘Em Start ‘Em

Happy Thanksgiving.  Wishing you all the best of luck on a playoff spot this holiday season.  Week 13 picks coming at ya:


Lamar Miller – Miami Dolphins – RB

Week 13 Opponent – New York Jets

I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t I learn my lesson about starting Miami Dolphins?  No I haven’t.  Daniel Thomas is out for the year, leaving Miller the opportunity to finally be featured and prove that he’s the real deal.  Big time boom or bust, but I’m following my heart on this one. – Start ‘Em


Stevan Ridley – New England Patriots – RB

Week 13 Opponent – Houston Texans

After fumbling in the first quarter last week, the wrath of Bill Belichick came down on Ridley like the gust of a thousand winds.  Ridley can’t be trusted to not fumble like Kimye can’t be trusted to make a music video together. Expect Ridley to get minimal touches. – Sit ‘Em


Harry Douglas – Atlanta Falcons – WR

Week 13 Opponent – Buffalo Bills

Yer a starter, Harry.  Going against a soft as putty Buffalo pass defense, Douglas is locked in as a top 10 receiver this week. – Start ‘Em


Mike Wallace – Miami Dolphins – WR

Week 13 Opponent – New York Jets

This is purely to even out my stance on Miami this week.  Pretty much a sacrifice for the fantasy gods. – Sit ‘Em

One thought on “Week 13 Sit ‘Em Start ‘Em

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