Lehigh/Lafayette Preview

We’ve finally gotten to the Lehigh/Lafayette game.

#15/17 Lehigh (8-2 Overall, 3-1 Patriot League, 4-0 Home) vs. Lafayette (4-6 Overall, 3-1 Patriot League, 2-3 Road). The winner of the 149th meeting wins the Patriot League and a spot in the FCS Playoffs. This is the seventh time Lehigh and Lafayette play for the Patriot League Title.

Lehigh is coming off a great 31-14 win against Colgate last week. The Mountain Hawks were able to force three Raider turnovers, including a scoop and score. Lehigh’s running game exploded once again for 227 yards on 41 attempts with Senior Keith Sherman gaining 184 yards and a touchdown. While the Mountain Hawks were only able to gain 172 yards through the air, Lee Kurfis gained 103 of those yards with 2 touchdowns. Lafayette is coming off a wild win over Fordham last week in which both teams combined for NINE turnovers. The Leopards were able to gain a total of 484 yards, 239 in the air and 245 on the ground. QB Drew Reed went 17 for 32 for the 239 yards, one touchdown, and four interceptions.



All 16,000 seats in Goodman Stadium have been sold out. The atmosphere is going to be crazy.

Lafayette Offense vs. Lehigh Defense

Points Per Game: 26.1 (4th PL) vs. 29.2 (4th PL) Edge: PUSH

Rush Yards Per Game: 123.0 (6th) vs. 209.6 (7th) Edge: Lafayette

Passing Yards Per Game: 260.3 (3rd) vs. 221.1 (4th) Edge: Lehigh

Lehigh’s Defense let up only 143 rushing yards last week against Holy Cross and an even lower 132 yards through the air. As I mentioned above, the Mountain Hawks forced three turnovers, two picks and the fumble for a touchdown. The one down side was that Colgate was able to convert 2 of 3 4th Down Conversion attempts. The Leopards Offense was able to accumulate 484 total yards, despite turning the ball over four times. The key will be for Lehigh to keep this trend of forcing turnovers and maintain the Leopard rushing defense. Lehigh Defense PUSHES Lafayette Offense

Lehigh Offense vs. Lafayette Defense

Points Per Game: 32.0 (2nd PL) vs. 26.3 (3rd PL) Edge: Lehigh

Rush Yards Per Game: 151.5 (5th) vs. 169.7 (2nd) Edge: Lafayette

Passing Yards Per Game: 308.8 (2nd) vs. 206.0 (2nd) Edge: Lehigh

Once again, the rushing game stats are deceiving. Lehigh had 227 yards on the ground last week and the averages have been rising and rising. The Lafayette Defense is better than most of the defenses the Mountain Hawks have faced. The ground game has really stepped up to support the freshman QB. They’ll need to continue that this week and not turn the ball over. Lehigh Offense edges out Lafayette Defense

Like last week, this game will be very dependent on turnovers. Both offenses are very high powered. The defenses have the potential to be shutdown defenses. Lehigh and Lafayette have similar victories, beating Georgetown by almost the exact same score. The two teams Lehigh has lost two, Bucknell and Fordham, Lafayette has beaten. Lafayette has lost to Princeton and Colgate, teams Lehigh has beaten. I would say the key for both teams is bring your A+ game, but this is Lehigh/Laf. I’ve already told you why I love this game. No matter how it goes, it, like all the Lehigh/Laf’s I’ve been to, will be incredible. But it’s going to be so much more incredible because Lehigh is making six in a row. Lehigh beats Lafayette 45-35.



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