Thunderblog Cold Hard Fails: Week 11 Edition

Coming into the week, this is how we stood:

Matty D: 34-18

G-Man: 30-22

Matty D leads the Weekly Battles: 3-0-1

I’m down but I’m not out.


Here are our Picks if you missed them

Bills circle the Jets 37-14: We both picked Buffalo; 1-0/1-0

Bears outlast the Ravens in the snow 23-20 (OT): We both picked the Bears; 2-0/2-0

Bengals over the Browns 41-20: I picked Cincy while Matt went for the upset; 2-1/3-0

Eagles beat the Redskins in an eerily similar “foot off the peddle late in the game” style 24-16: I don’t need to tell you who we picked; 3-1/4-0

Big Ben and the Steelers bounce back over the Lions 37-27: We both picked Detroit; 3-2/4-1

The Bucs extend their streak to two over the Falcons 41-28: We both picked Atlanta; 3-3/4-2

Cards over Jags 27-14: We both picked Arizona; 4-3/5-2

The Raiders ruined Gary Kubiak’s return to the sidelines in Houston 28-23: We both picked the Texans; 4-4/5-3

Dolphins shock the Chargers 20-16: We both picked San Diego; 4-5/5-4

It wasn’t so easy but Brees and the Saints won over the Niners 23-20: We both picked New Orleans; 5-5/6-4

Giants over the Pack 27-13: Matt keeps picking the Giants while I keep picking against them; 6-5/6-5

The Broncos defeat the previously unbeaten Chiefs 27-17: In our final competing pick, I picked Denver while man believed in Andy Reid; 6-6/7-5

SuperCam leads the Panthers over Tom Brady and the Pats last night 24-20: We both picked New England; I win the week 7-6 to 6-7

Updated Standings:

Matty D: 40-25

G-Man: 37-28

Matt still leads the weekly battles 3-1-1.

I FINALLY WON A WEEK!!! Matt doubted me. JSB doubted me. But I did it! Hopefully I’ve earned my spot back in the weekly “Cold Hard Locks” title. Regardless, this week really lived up to the “Cold Hard Fails” name. Two straight weeks with one of us under .500.

Waldo Crying

Don’t worry Waldo, this week will be much, much better. Big week this week. Lehigh/Lafayette Week AND Showdown in the Thunderdome in Fantasy Football. This time, first place is on the line.

You’ll hear all about Week 12 from Matty D in later this week for Week 12’s Cold Hard Locks.


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