Starting for the Miami Heat in 10 Years… Prince James

Just by hearing his name, you know Lebron James Jr has to be good at basketball. Samsung showed us both of King James’ kids sinking shots left and right. Most recently, LBJ-Jr, recently turned nine years of age, dropped 25-8-8 in his youth basketball game. His proud dad was there to cheer him on/film some home movies as he the Heat had the night off:

Coast to Coast and the first back on D, gotta love it. If you check out the comments, Lebron throws in a D-Wade comparison. I’ve had mixed feelings about Lebron since The Decision, but I do love seeing these moments when pro athletes show us they are normal and not on some crazy next level like Tracy Jordan always seemed to be on 30 Rock. (I miss that show, thank you Netflix for the complete series at my disposal)

On a side note, the quality on this video is not extremely high. Samsung is probably sending techs to Lebron’s house to show him how to turn on HD as I post this.


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