Flyers Update: November 15th

All I can say about last week is YEEEESSSSSSS!!!! Even with the Devils game: YEEEEESSSSS!!! Let’s recap:

November 7: Devils blank the Flyers at home 3-0; The Flyers looked god awful in this game, giving the puck away eight times as Marty Brodeur shuts out the Flyers for the umpteenth time in his career.

November 9: Flyers beat the Oliers 4-2; The offense came ALIVE! The Flyers controlled the puck much, much better and Captain Claude finally put one on the board:

WHAT A SNIPE! Also, you gotta love the fan in the Giroux jersey banging on the boards when they’re all celebrating in the corner.

November 12: Flyers blow out the Sens 5-0 in Ottawa; Again, the Flyers control the puck the well and look what happens. The PECO Power Play also started clicking as the Flyers went 2 for 3 on the man advantage.

And then this…

November 13: Flyers edge out the Penguins in Pittsburgh 2-1; The Battle for PA is knotted up at 1! Once again, no turnovers and the goalie, this game it was Ray Emery, isn’t left hanging. Emery earned the First Star honors by saving 31 of 32 Penguin shots. Just like last year for Chicago, he is proving to be one of the best backup goaltenders in the NHL. Definitely showing Matty D’s “The Back-Up Plan” doesn’t just apply to football.

This week, the Flyers (7-10-1, 15 points, 6th Metropolitan) will play three games. They will wrap up their three-game road trip tonight in Winnipeg against a Jets team that is also riding a three-game winning streak. The Jets (9-9-2, 20 points, 6th Central) is a team that has scored a lot of goals (53) but has let in even more (57). This is both good and bad news for the Flyers since they’ve scored 11 of their 33 goals in the past three games but the defense will need to continue to be strong and stay even stronger on the PK (19 for 21 in their past five games/84.9% overall, 8th in the league).

The Flyers then return home on Tuesday to face an Ottawa Senators team (7-7-4, 18 points, 5th Atlantic) after having thrashed them at home this past Tuesday (see above). They’ll stay at home on Thursday to host the Buffalo Sabres (4-15-1, 9 points, last in the league), a team who just cleaned house on Wednesday firing both their coach and GM and bringing back Pat LaFontaine and Ten Nolan.

The Keys for this week are puck control and physical play. The Flyers have shown whether or not the offense is high or low scoring, a lack of turnovers is what will win you games. Add some outstanding goaltending of course, and that’s a recipe for success anyone will buy into. I didn’t mention the physicality the Flyers have been showing recently because it’s almost expected for a Philadelphia Flyers team to live up to the Broad Street Bullies name. But the Flyers are finishing more checks and moving more aggressively to the puck, causing more turnovers and creating more chances. It’ll be fun to see the Flyers finish more and more of their chances and it seems they are starting to do that and this week is a great opportunity to continue this trend.



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