Week 10 Cold Hard Fails

So I didn’t post our weekly results under the “Cold Hard Fails” name last week. This was mainly due to the fact that Matty D went 9-3 and I went 8-4, but as Matt told me, there were still failures. Nothing but perfection is acceptable in the Thunderdome, no exceptions.

Coming into the week, this is how we stood:

Matty D: 26-12

G-Man: 24-14

Matty D leads the Weekly Battles: 2-0-1


Here are our Picks if you missed them

Vikings downed the Redskins 34-27: We both picked the Skins; 0-1/0-1

Seahawks beat the Falcons 33-10: We both picked Seattle; 1-1/1-1

Lions over the Bears 21-19: We both picked the Lions; 2-1/2-1

Eagles over the Packers 27-13: We both picked the Birds; 3-1/3-1

Jaguars finally win one over the Titans 29-17: We both picked the Titans; 3-2/3-2

Rams surprise everyone by crushing the Colts 38-8: We both picked the Colts; 3-3/3-3

Giants beat the Raiders 24-20: Matt went against the family and picked the Giants while I picked Oakland; 4-3/3-4

Steelers over the Bills 23-10: I picked the Steelers while Matt picked the Bills; 4-4/4-4

The Bengals sent it to OT on a Hail Mary but fell to the Ravens 20-17: We both picked Cincy; 4-5/4-5

The Panthers edge out the Niners 10-9: Matty D picked Carolina while I picked San Fran; 5-5/4-6

Cardinals beat the Texans 27-24: We both picked Houston to snap their losing streak; 5-6/4-7

Demaryius Thomas’ 3 TDs carries the Broncos over the Chargers 28-20 (as well as my Fantasy Team over Dr. Dangerous Dan): We both picked Denver; 6-6/5-7

The Saints dominated the Cowboys 49-17: We both knew better than to go against the Saints in the Superdome; 7-6/6-7

The Bucs held off the Phins by picking off Ryan Tannehill late to win their first game 22-19: I picked Miami while Matty D picked the Bucs; Matty D wins the week 8-6 to 6-8 

Updated Standings:

Matty D: 34-18

G-Man: 30-22

Play of the Week: Tavon Austin Punt Return versus the Colts

Thanks to SB Nation for that video

Image of the Week: Bucs OT Donald Penn dunking after a receiving TD



Well this week really lived up to the “Cold Hard Fails” name. And now I’m four games back, eh huh huh huh. At least I moved back into first this week in Fantasy. Next week will better, both for our picks (featuring a new Picker…) AND there are some great games to be played. You’ll hear all about for Matty D on Thursday for Week 11’s Cold Hard Locks.


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