Matty D’s Week 10 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

Jimmy Graham

Until this week, we haven’t been able to get our Cold Hard Locks out before the Thursday Night game. That’s what happens when your lazy intern is too worried about his next beer and not the blog, goddamn Bowden!

As usually, I took down the G-Man again going 9-3 last week while he only managed an 8-4 Week 9. Simply put, my Cold Hard Locks are just better. He may be the knowledge, but I am the truth.

Season record:

Matty D – 26-12

G-Man – 24-14

This week we have our guest picks coming from our very own Senior Executive Producer Jarred S. Barnes. I personally wouldn’t believe a pick he makes (unless it’s the same as mine).

The battle continues in the Thunderdome…

NFL Week 8 Cold Hard Locks


Redskins over Vikings – 23 to 17            (Thursday)

G-Man – Washington

Another clunker on Thursday Night. Honestly, I’ll be watching the college slate tonight, but anyway at least this game features two of the league’s biggest stars in RGIII and A.P. Both these teams just aren’t that good with underachieving defenses and inconsistent offenses. I think Peterson will rumble for 150 yards and 2 TDs but RGIII and Alfred Morris will garner just enough offense to squeak out the victory and hang around the NFC East leaders.

Seahawks over Falcons – 20 to 17

G-Man – Seattle

I have to be honest, the Falcons still scare me in this game. Matt Ryan is a darn good quarterback and they are playing at home. Plus, the Seahawks haven’t looked over-powering recently. But that defense, led by the NFL’s best corner and best safety, will limit Matty Ice. Plus the Falcons defense isn’t particularly strong and Lynch will have running room (not that he really needs it). The Seahawks win again and stay just ahead of the 49ers in the NFC West.

Lions over Bears – 31 to 28

G-Man – Detroit

This is my game of the week, especially if Cutler is able to go. With the Aaron Rodgers injury, the NFC North door has been swung wide open for one of these two exciting teams. I just like the Lions better. Both teams trout out elite receivers, game-breaking backs, and pass-rushing defenses. It is going to be fun and I fully expect both Megatron and Marshall to have 120+ yards through the air and Bush and Forte to rip off big plays for 100+ total yards each. But Matthew Stafford is playing his best football and will be the difference, setting up the Lions for the late field goal to seal the victory.

Eagles over Packers – 27 to 21

G-Man – Philadelphia

The minute Rodgers went down, I changed my pick. Seneca Wallace looked awful against the Bears. Yes, Eddie Lacy is a rising running back in this league but the one thing the Birds do well is stop the run. Nick Foles will not throw for 7 TDs, especially not at Lambeau, but he will find Jackson and Copper for 1 each and the Eagles will hold off the Packers and hope for a big Cowboys loss to move up to 1st in the NFC “Least”.

Titans over Jaguars – 34 to 16

G-Man – Tennessee

After a crushing defeat against the bye week, the Jaguars are still looking for something to hang their hat on in 2013. They won’t find it in Tennessee. The Titans are still very much in the playoff picture and if Chris Johnson can keep up his resurgence, this team will be a difficult out every week. Jake Locker is getting better and that Titan’s D is prickly. The Jaguars are now permanently without Justin Blackmon and will be trounced by the surprising Titans as Johnson scampers for 2 TDs and Locker throws for a couple more.

Colts over Rams – 28 to 17

G-Man – Indianapolis

This Colts team is legit. Playing against an emotionally charged and desperate Texans team last week, Andrew Luck never panicked and maneuvered his guys to a comeback win. Up next is a beaten and battered Rams team. They will play hard for Jeff Fisher and that defense is athletically gifted, but Luck plays like a 10 year veteran. He will find his new star T.Y. Hilton for 2 TDs, Fleener for another, and scamper for a 4th to lead the Colts to an easy win. These Colts are looking at a first round bye come January.

Giants over Raiders – 20 to 17

G-Man – Oakland

I have no feeling for this game. Giants are coming off a bye and still have issues while the Raiders just got lit up in the Black Hole. I’m going the G-Men cause they are at home but I have almost zero interest in this game.

Bills over Steelers – 27 to 24

G-Man – Steelers

I really like the Bills and I feel for them. But they are getting E.J. Manuel back this week so hope is restored. I really like this Bills defense against a porous Steelers o-line. Big Ben will keep it close due to pure grit but the Bills running attack will produce with a coupe TDs and a pick-6 will seal the deal as the Bills beat the disappointing Steelers in the Steel City.

Bengals over Ravens – 13 to 10

G-Man – Bengals

This could be an old school slug-fest as these two rivals battle. The Ravens desperately need this victory to hang around the playoff picture while the Bengals need to bounce back and reestablish themselves amongst the game’s elite. I see A.J. Green snagging a TD but the story of the day will be the Bengals’ defense. Even without the great Geno Atkins on the D-Line, the Bengals will suffocate the Raven’s struggling offense to earn the road victory.

Panthers over 49ers – 24 to 21 (OT)

G-Man – 49ers

This is one of my games of the week and one of my big upsets this week. The 49ers are at home and coming off the bye. They are one of the best teams in the NFL and Jim Harbaugh and crew will be getting Aldon Smith back this week. So yes, they are a great team. But something is brewing in the Carolinas and its not even Cam Netwon. Yes, Superman has been great and I see him with 3 total TDs this week. It’s the Carolina defense that wins this game though. They are the league’s most underrated unit led by tackling machine Luke Kuechly and pass-rushing demon Charles Johnson. They will limit a good but not great 49ers offense and keep the Panthers’ winning streak and playoff dreams alive.

Texans over Cardinals – 28 to 24

G-Man – Houston

Oh boy do I like Case Keenum. The Texas gunslinger is playing with house money and loving it. If they keep letting him air it out then I like the Texans here. They will be playing this game for their head coach and I expect this defense to have at least 3 interceptions, one going for a touchdown. The Cardinals aren’t a bad team, I just think the emotion will guide the disappointing Texans to a W.

Broncos over Chargers – 35 to 24

G-Man – Denver

The Chargers were exposed last week against the Redskins and with Peyton Manning coming into town don’t expect any relief.  Manning will throw for at least 3 TDs and the Broncos defense will make enough good plays to keep Rivers and company down. Can’t wait for Den-KC soon.


Saints over Cowboys – 35 to 28

G-Man – New Orleans

Drew Brees probably isn’t too happy about last week. And the Cowboys aren’t gonna be happy after this week. This Saints offense is going to have a field day against an injured and porous Cowboy D. Romo and Bryant will make it a game but Brees will find 5 different receivers and energize the Superdome crowd for the victory.

Buccaneers over Dolphins – 21 to 17

G-Man – Miami

Upset of the week as Tampa Bay gets their first win here. The Dolphins are in shambles without two of their offensive linemen and the disarray across the organization that is causing.  This Buccaneers defense has talent and Mike Glennon will throw a few TDs for the big win on Monday Night.

A lot of competing picks this week between Matty D and the G-Man!


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