Weekend Recap: Mondays Aren’t Good for Us Here

Well I should probably stop be cocky every week in Pick’em, but I won’t. Let’s start with Saturday:

My GOTW: #3 Florida State over #7 Miami 41-13 – I didn’t think that FSU would cover the spread but Famous Jameis accounted for 352 of the 517 total yards for the Seminoles. Florida State rose to #2 in the BCS Standings while Miami dropped to #11. The Noles travel to Wake Forrest (4 – 5, 2 – 4 ACC) this week where they can clinch a trip to the ACC Championship Game with a win as they hold the tiebreaker over Clemson. The Hurricanes host Virginia Tech on Saturday night in the first of four straight Coastal Division opponents.

Matty D’s GOTW: #22 Michigan State over #21 Michigan 29-6 (Matt said Mich 17-13) – Well I guess the silver lining is that MSU didn’t move into the Top 15 (#17 now). MSU showed off the #1 defense in the nation by completely shutting down Michigan’s offense. The Spartans’ D-Line demolished the Wolverine O-Line, sacking Devon Gardner seven times and “allowing” -48 yards on the ground. Both Michigan and Michigan State will face Nebraska at home as their next opponent. If Nebraska wins this week at the Big House, it turns their visit to MSU next weekend into a pseudo-Legends Division championship.

On to Sunday. Coming into Week 9, these were the standings:

Matty D – 17-9

G-Man – 16-10

Matty D is up 1 Week to None with 1 Push

I said I’d pull myself into first, let’s see how we did:

Chiefs over Bills 23-13: Both said Chiefs

Panthers over Falcons 34-10: I said Falcons and Matty D said Panthers would win but wrote that this game was being played in the Georgia Dome. That should be enough to take give him a loss right there, but that’s not how it works. Matt goes up 1

Cowboys over Vikings 27-23: Both said Cowboys

Jets over Saints 26-20: Both said Saints

Redskins over Chargers 30-24 (OT): I said Redskins while Matt said Chargers, back to even

Titans over Rams 28-21: Matt called Titans while I said Rams, Matty D is once again up by one

Eagles over Rams 49-20: Both said Eagles

Seahawks over Bucs 27-24 (OT): Both said Seahawks

Browns over Ravens 24-18: Both said Browns

Patriots over Steelers 55-31: Both said Pats, Tom Brady dominated.

Colts over Texans 27-24: Both said Colts and we both wish both Gary Kubiak and  John Fox have speedy recoveries

Bears over Packers 27-20: Both said Packers

How We Did:

Matty-D: 9-3; Moves to 26-12

G-Man: 8-4; Moves to 24-14

Matt wins Week 9, moves to being up 2 Weeks to None with 1 Push

In last night’s Monday Night Football game, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers went down with a collarbone injury, leading Matty-D to tweet this out:

That combined with both of us being wrong about the Packers winning once again shows that we at the Thunderblog get a serious case of the Mondays. I’ve been wrong about my MNF picks in two out of the three weeks AND while I got last Monday right, my only two incorrect NHL picks for the week came on that night. While Matt’s been more successful on Mondays, this blow to his fantasy team will be tough for him to maintain first place in his division in the ManBearPig League. It’s also big a loss for the Packers, but you already knew that.


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