The New-Era Boston Sports Fan


I have a huge man-crush on Tom Brady. Seriously, the man’s Patronus is a bald eagle and he pisses excellence. I have the utmost respect for the Boston Celtics and their legacy and furthermore am a big Brad Stevens fan and hope he succeeds in restarting that franchise. The Bruins not only play great hockey, but also do it with skill and physicality that I admire. And the Boston Red Sox play at an incredible ballpark, in front of some of the game’s best fans, and have stars that I admire for their hard work and respect for the game. Plus Boston fans also share a mutual hatred for all New York sports fans with us Philadelphians.

But I am sick and tired of hearing about how much Boston needed to win the World Series at home this past October. Seriously? Has the Boston sports fan not already had a great run over the past decade? Since 2001, Boston has captured 8 championships: Three from the Patriots, three from the Red Sox, and one a piece from the Bruins and Celtics. And they may not be done yet as the Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots all have championship caliber teams playing well (i.e. 2013 Red Sox). On top of the each team has future Hall-of-Famers on it and all of the rival New York teams have stunk during that time.

The Boston fan has begun to annoy me nearly as much as the New York fan (gasp). It’s about how they’re disappointed when their team isn’t praised enough. It’s the gloating about just how good their teams are. It’s the constant discussion on Big Papi and Bill Belichick and how great they are. Guess what, Papi did steroids and Belichick cheated.

As a Philly fan I have little clout when it comes to player and coach behavior. And most certainly zero credibility when it comes to fan behavior. I am not saying that all the winning in New England annoys me. In fact I am envious and hope my beloved Phillies can do what the Red Sox did and have a one-year turn around. I want to Philly to be a town like Boston, not one where the basketball team is intentionally tanking, the baseball team is an AARP club, the hockey team is a goon squad from the 1970s playing in the 21st century, and the football team looks as inept and poorly planned as the Schuylkill Expressway.

What I am annoyed about is how just like with New Yorkers, Bostonites have become arrogant and ornery. After years of being truly loveable losers who still supported their teams till the end, they have turned their back on what made me like them and respect them. Now I see Brady jerseys worn by drunken assholes. The humility is gone and the respect has been washed away by all the success. Look, Boston fans have every right to celebrate each and every one of their championships, but don’t heckle me for being a Philadelphia fan. Because we are what you used to be, losers. So are Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, Atlanta, and a number of other sports cities with diehard fans. You have turned your back on us like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. You snuff your nose up and strut around like you own the place. You may for know, but success can be short lived, so watch out Boston fans. Philadelphians never, ever forget.

Matty D


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