Pascal Dupuis: More Manly Than You

I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. I haven’t written that enough so I’ll say it again, I HATE THE PENGUINS. JSB’s got the edge on Matty D and myself right now after the first matchup between his Pens and our Fly-Guys, eh huh huh huh.

I have to give credit where credit is due though, and Pascal Dupuis deserves some serious credit. Last night, Dupuis took a high stick in the face from teammate Kris Letang, came back to the bench and did THIS:

The best part? He went back out onto the ice for his next shift. I think John Wayne would have a tough time match that level of grit. Ron Swanson wouldn’t though. Granted the tooth Duke Silver yanked out had already been pulled but the response is classic:


[H/T The Bleacher Report]


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